Virtual Learning 2020

 Well 2020 has definitely shaped up to be a little different than we planned! We welcomed our fourth child, Harper Kate, into our family in late June and are now starting at home virtual learning in early August.

Oy vey. The stress level was at an all time high for a bit, but we are definitely getting into the swing of things.

Last spring when we were forced to do at home learning due to COVID Raegan and I did all of her work at the kitchen table. She couldn't focus because the boys were running around and making a ton of noise. We knew if we had to do at home learning again in the fall we needed 2 things. Someone to watch the boys and Harper so I could focus solely on teaching Raegan and a new space for us to work.

Our house isn't that big so we decided her room was the best choice, but unfortunately the only place we had to do her work was the floor. So the hunt for a desk for her room began!

She got a bunkbed for her birthday so we had already started redoing her "big" girl room and we just continued it by getting rid of her dresser and putting all her clothes in the closet as well as getting a desk for her and I to do work at. The great thing is when she does go back to school she will now have a place to do any homework or just sit down and read or color. 

I couldn't love her desk more! I love that there are 2 sides to it so I can sit across from her and the shelving is amazing! I have all of her school supplies, computer, and her favorite books stored perfectly in these adorable bins from Target!

Her desk is now out of stock unfortunately, but there are still lots of other desk options on Wayfair. We love Wayfair for all our home needs. They are quick and cost efficient!

The chairs look like they are wood, but they are actually plastic! Easy to clean with a cloth or a magic eraser for anything a little more stubborn. They are out of stock in white, but lots of other cute colors!

Her room now looks so much more grown up than before. My little girl is growing up and so is her room!

Master Bedroom Sleep Sanctuary

We've been in our house 3 years this month, which seems crazy to me! Time seriously flies by the older you get. The weeks FLY by it seems like. For those that don't know, we bought our house in 2016 and completely renovated it. Like gutted it, didn't live in it for 6 months, lived with my parents, got pregnant with Hadley, and got pregnant with Landon. To say that was the craziest time of our lives is an understatement.

So once we were finally in the house I began the decorating and goodness, it can take awhile, but it's always so rewarding when you finish each room. With 3 kids we need furniture and decor that we aren't going to cry over if the kids get stained, break, or color all over. Wayfair is the answer to our prayers! Their prices are fantastic and quality is great too! You will find Wayfair all over our house. We have used them in the living room, powder bath, kids' bathroom, Raegan's room, Landon's room, and now our bedroom.

Of course I do our room last, but honestly, I should have done it first. I hate a messy bedroom with a thrown together look. We've slowly bought furniture for it over the past 3 years and I am happy to say that it is finally done. This was the last part of the room that needed to be done.

Ugh. Just looking at these pictures makes me cringe! All the wires, bleck! We repurposed this table from our living room at our old house to our bedroom because honestly we had nothing to go here. I have been dreaming of the day we could get rid of it and put something much more useable and pleasing to the eye.

And that's exactly what this piece did! I couldn't love it more. It's the Lark Manor Castagnier 9 Drawer Double Dresser.  It's sturdy, distressed, tons of drawers, and comes assembled (my favorite part). I read some reviews that it splintered, but we haven't had that problem. It feels smooth to the touch, but still looks distressed. It was the perfect fit for our farmhouse vibe in our master room. It literally took me days to pick this piece out because they have so many bedroom furniture options! Our chair is also from Wayfair. I told you. They have literally decorated our entire home. The rest of the decor is from Hobby Lobby. My other guilty pleasure.

I look forward to laying in bed at the end of the day to watch TV now. No more wires. Just a beautiful view!

Wayfair has sponsored this post and provided the beautiful dresser for this post. All opinions are my own.

Maternity Pictures Tips

Many of you may know that I have started a little side hustle. Well one of many side hustles. What can I say, mama likes to stay busy! One of them includes starting my own photography business, Ashley Sanderson Photography.

I love being able to capture life as it happens for my clients and this client is an extra special one.
That sweet little baby in there in my NEPHEW! Yep. I'm going to be aunt and I am so incredibly excited.

Courtney is the most beautiful pregnant gal and I was so excited to do her maternity pictures. All of her dresses are from Pinkblush Maternity. I won't shop anywhere else for anything regarding maternity clothing. Their styles are on point, so comfortable, and affordable! For my local gals, all of these photoshoot dresses are available to you for a maternity session. No need to go shopping!

I know that sometimes picking out a dress for this type of session can be overwhelming! You're dressing a body that you just aren't sure about and places are bigger than they were before and by the time you start looking for a dress you wish you never had and just want to cancel the whole session. Take a breath, keep reading, and I promise, you will have some direction by the end of this blog post.

I put together a little go to list to follow when you are shopping for that perfect maternity photoshoot dress.

1. Keep It Simple
Make sure that your dress isn't taking away from the fact that you are celebrating this sweet life inside of you! Solid colors (neutral tones) are great or a simple pattern. Make sure your outfit isn't too contrast-y. Did I just make up a word? Let me explain. Don't get a dress with a hot pink skirt and white top. Way too much going on there! You also don't need a ton of accessories, but a sweet floral crown always seals the deal for me.

2. Fitted Outfits
Make sure that the dress you wear is formfitting so you can see that bump. That's what the pictures are all about right?

Make sure that whatever you pick, that you love it, feel comfortable it, and ultimately ROCK it because it'll show in the pictures.

I have linked the dresses in the photos below in case you are looking for inspiration. These in my opinion are perfect for a maternity session.

Courtney rocked these photos and you can tell how comfortable and natural she felt in these dresses. That mustard dress is my absolutely favorite! It comes in probably 10 different colors on the Pinkblush site.

Can't wait to meet this little guy in a few short weeks!

New Year, New Decor

I don't know about y'all, but once January hits I feel the need to change something up! Whether it be my hairstyle, my diet, my work out routine, or a room in our house.

Now I have changed up my work out routine (well more like started one because Lord knows I haven't worked out since before the kids), but that's for another post.

Today's post is about sprucing up a room in our house. We have 2 bathrooms upstairs that don't really get used, but have DESPERATELY needed a make over and since I'm a sucker for a rustic, farmhouse look, that's what I stuck with for one of the upstairs bathrooms.

We've been in our house for 2 years and I am slowly working my way through it and putting my touch of farmhouse flare to it. And I have to say, it's turning out exactly like I had hoped. All items are linked below! 

floating shelves // Wayfair
towels // Wayfair
"give me Jesus" sign // Hobby Lobby
"flush" sign  // Hobby Lobby
stool // Hobby Lobby
soap dispenser // Target
mirror // At Home
lantern // Hobby Lobby
light fixture //
cotton stems // Wayfair
bath rug // Wayfair
white pitcher // Wayfair
metal basket // Wayfair
apothecary jars // Wayfair
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