Grillin' Out

I don't know about you, but once the weather warms up, we are outside for the better part of the day. Memorial Day kind of kicks of grilling season for our family, but if the weather is nice, you will find us outside on the weekends for sure.

Our favorite past time while we are grilling is to play corn hole.
And as you can see, it's also Raegan's favorite game too. Even though her take on it is a little different than how it's actually played.
I got this corn hole set for Kyle for his first Father's Day. They have definitely gotten a lot of use of the past 3 years. Having a nice afternoon with family and friends. You can also grab a set here for a great price.

And then of course there are no lawn games without good food!

I'm more of a hotdog gal. Ketchup and onions is my jam! 

These two are big fans of the food too!

Once eating is done it's right back to a friendly game of corn hole that may or may not have a little wager attached to it.

I'm looking forward to lots more nights out playing corn hole with our family!

Looking to add some fun lawn games to your summer? Head over to Wayfair and check out all of the fun lawn games they have!

Closet Clean Out

As spring has sprung so has the warmer weather and Dia & Co. inspired me to get a jump on my closet clean out.

 Now for me this year since I'm pregnant I'm double cleaning out. I still could wear some of my regular winter clothes when I was early pregnant, but now that the bump is growing, I'm pretty much in all maternity. So the first thing I did was move out ever piece of clothing that wasn't maternity or that I knew I couldn't fit in. It just helps being able to see what I actually have to wear instead of sifting through it all. As a rule of thumb when I'm not pregnant, I stick to these guidelines as I get ready for a new season, whether it's warm or cool.

1. If it doesn't fit with the season, move it out. 
We have these gigantic cedar closets in our attic so I move all my clothes that don't fit in the season up there. Honestly, there's no reason to have any long sleeve shirts in your closet. They won't get worn when it's hot outside.

2. If you didn't wear it last season, time to chunk.
As you are pulling last season's clothes out, really take a good look at it. Did you wear it? If you didn't wear more than 3-4 times, it's time to either sell it or donate it. I promise you won't "eventually" wear it. We never do!

Now that all of season's clothes you may wear are visible, do the same thing. Will you wear it? Do you like it? Try it on. See if there's something else in your closet it can be paired with. If not, time to say bye bye.

3. Organize what you have.
I have found if I just throw them all up and don't have them organized I forget what I have. You can either organize by color or organize by type. I like to organize by type (shirts, tanks, fancy tops, pants, dresses). That way when you feel like a tank and jeans day, you go right to those areas, see what you have, and pick out an outfit.

I do my closet clean out at the beginning of spring and normally beginning of fall once it really cools off. I switch out my clothes and clean them both out. Donating what I know I won't wear again.

I'd love to hear how you keep your closet organized and neat! Leave a comment with your tips and tricks!

Stay tuned for another post about the must have items in my closet for spring time! I will be including links to those pieces so they'll be easy for you to snag.

The Truth of Having Two Under 2

I am now a mom of two under 2. I've joined the club of the very tired, pulled every which way, always on the move moms.

Hudson will be 1 month old on Sunday and since he was born I get asked the loaded question at least 5 times a week. "How is it?"

I normally reply with, amazing! The kind of amazing that makes you feel overwhelmed and you aren't quite sure you're going to make it through the day amazing, but never happier.

But the truth is, it's hard. 

Having a toddler and a baby who both need your undivided attention is HARD! 

Getting out of the house takes hours. HOURS I tell you! We are never anywhere on time and if we are, it's normally because I didn't even have a chance to get myself ready. And while we are out I'm just praying we make it through without anyone having a melt down.

It's hard to feed Raegan lunch when Hudson is screaming. So I strap him into his ring sling and pray my way through lunch as the break of nap time is lingering right after.

It's hard to nurse Hudson as Raegan is digging through the trash and eating the lunch I just offered her, but she didn't want at lunch time, but NEEDS it now like a fat kid needs cake.

It's hard! Like seriously hard.

But I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

We prayed for this. We prayed for this exact crazy. A crazy that I am so thankful I'm able to experience.

And right now I am in a season of grace. The grace that everyone is giving me, I need to give to myself. This is a short season in life that is absolutely crazy, but also pretty fantastic.

So for now, I will buy stock in Chick-fila Dr. Pepper and take a deep breath, because the days are long, but the years are short, and being a mom is the only place I want to be.

Powder Bath Reveal

We have been in the house for about 2 months now. I know so many of you have been dying to see all of the renovations, but I just don't feel like I can do it justice until each room has been decorated the way it's supposed to be.

Fortunately the powder bath didn't take much to get it the way I wanted it. This really is my favorite room of the house because I got to have a little fun with it.

So without further ado, here she is in all her glory!

It started off with a labor of love with my Dad. He and I spent 2 days shiplapping the entire room. It took some time to get into a rhythm, but once we did, those boards were going up one after another. I'll save how we did the shiplap for another blog post, but honestly, it's super easy. Just a little time consuming.

Once that was done the contractors painted the walls white and installed our tile. Another LOVE item!
I chose cement tile from Riad Tile in Dallas. We chose the Estrella pattern and I couldn't love it more. All of their tile is $9/square foot. The only advice I can give is make sure to find a tile installer who KNOWS cement tile. It's so important as the installing has lots of steps that must be followed.

Then my favorite part. I know I have a lot of favorite parts. The vanity. The sewing table is my great grandmother's. I've used it since I was little. It was a desk for awhile and then we moved into our first house and it was an entry way table. Then I came up with this amazing idea to use it as a powder bath vanity and it's love!
The plumber had strict instructions to not mess it up since it was an antique and he did good! So good. I probably would have cried if he ruined while installing the sink.

I'm just so excited for it to be done and the tiny touches I added to the room that make it perfect are my favorite.

The doorknob is another favorite!

It just adds that touch of elegance that brings the feel of the room all together! It is from the Nostalgic Collection from Wayfair. This doorknob is the Crystal Glass Privacy Door Knob with Classic Rosette. It brings the rustic, antique feel of the powder bath as soon as you turn the knob.

We originally just had the door knob that our contractor put in, but it didn't give the look I was going for. I wanted something more elegant and this doorknob fit the bill!

I'm hoping to reveal our master bath and bedroom next and then Raegan's new big girl room. Now to get her out of the crib since it's going to be baby brother's in August.

If you have any tips on transitioning to a big girl bed, send them my way. I'm absolutely dreading it and if this little guy wasn't on his way, I'd keep her in her crib until she goes to kindergarten.

doorknob // Wayfair
ladder // made by the hubs
towels // Target and Wayfair
baskets // Wayfair (I spray painted them gold)
sink //
mirror // Target
toilet paper holder //
towel ring //
green topiary // Wayfair
faucet // (champagne bronze)
tile // Riad Tile (Estrella)

Wayfair has sponsored this post and provided the beautiful doorknob for this post. All opinions are my own.
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