WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

I know, I know, I'm late, but there is a reason I am posting 1 day late. I will get to the reason later in the post. Here is my outfit for this week's WIWW. I love how springy it is!

top: H&M (got it on sale!) not on the website, but still in the stores.
shoes: Steve Madden from years ago

had to include the photo bombers. They are just too cute!

So onto the reason why I'm posting a day late. When I post my WIWW I link up with Get Your Pretty On and The Pleated Poppy. And I always like to include why I'm feeling "pretty" on this particular Wednesday.

Today was my follow up appointment with my infertility doctor and we have answers! It is an answered prayer for sure! My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the past year. That whole story can be saved for another blog post, but long story short, we BOTH have infertility problems. REALLY?! BOTH?! Yes. We both do. So I went and met with Dr. Ku from Dallas IVF.  He is an absolute gem! He writes everything down that he says so that I don't forget. Don't you just hate going to the doctor and not remembering a fourth of what they say? Well Dr. Ku completely fixed that. 

So today was a follow up from all the tests that were ran last month. Over the past couple of years I have been extremely tired, gaining weight when I worked out and ate right, and pretty much couldn't explain why I was feeling this way and gaining random weight. He diagnosed me with a hypothyroid, which apparently has also been affecting my fertility. Answers! Thank goodness. I'm finally going to get rid of this random weight due to slow metabolism and we are one step closer to having a baby! With alittle help from a thyroid pill and clomid :)

So today I feel pretty because my husband and I are one step closer to having a bundle of joy or joys! :) 

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  1. Girrrrrrlllll... I got the same top!!!! I am so glad you posted this!!! Now I know what to wear it with!!!

  2. Aww, what a sweet reason to be feeling pretty! Dr. Ku sounds wonderful and I'm so happy that you have some answers. I love your pretty peplum, so beautiful!

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