Embryo Update

I just got a call from the embryologist lab and our babies are growing beautifully! All 25 are still in the running! 13 of them are As, 4 are Bs, and 8 are Cs. All of which could be used to transfer at some point! We go in on Saturday to decide how many to transfer. I think we will end up deciding 2. I know that if we do 1 and it doesn't take, all I'm going to think about is we should have done 2. Or if we decide to put in 2 and only 1 takes, I will have the sense of relief thinking "if we had only done 1, that 1 could have been the 1 that didn't make it." I can't wait for Saturday to get here so we can put our babies back where they are belong. We will freeze anything that could possibly be viable.

Praise the Lord for healthy baby embryos. Praise him for giving us so many in case this round of IVF doesn't work. Praise him that I never have to go through the shots of IVF again because we have so many that we can freeze. Now it's all in God's hands. Well I guess it always has been hasn't it? :)
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  1. YAY!!! I am so excited for you Ashley! It's so awesome that ya'll have so many embryos! I'm counting down to Saturday with you!

  2. That is awesome news! You have so many potential babies! :) 1 more day from tomorrow and you will be PUPO! :)

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