Embryo Transfer

Well the day came and we were so extremely excited! Can you tell by our faces?
Kyle said we needed a "momma to be" picture. Aww! He's so sweet!

We got to Dallas IVF and changed into my beautiful gown and waited for the embryologist to come and talk with us. The nurse brought me my valium to calm my nerves. I didn't really feel it, but Kyle said I was very zen. :)

We were on cloud 9, but unfortunately when the embryologist came in, emotions started to run high. We hadn't talked to anyone about how many embryos we'd be transferring. We wanted to do 2, but were open to the doctor's recommendation.

So the embryologist (not my regular doctor) comes in and starts talking about how they have 1 beautiful embryo they want to transfer and blah blah blah. Remember, I've already taken my valium. So I was a bit loopy. I stopped her and asked about the possibility of transferring 2, which she immediately shot that idea down. She wouldn't listen and I felt completely bullied. These are OUR babies and I will put in as many as I want!

I understood the reasoning behind just transferring 1 embryo, but I didn't feel heard. Then she shoved a form in my face for me to sign to consent to 1 embryo. I told her Kyle and I needed a few minutes to talk and asked her to leave.

I could feel the hot tears welling up and I tried my hardest not to let them roll down my face. I felt bullied into one of the most important decisions of my life. I think the embryologist knew I was not feeling confident with the decision, because Dr. Ku came in.

Thank the Lord he did. Like Kyle told his parents last night, "Dr. Ku knows how to talk to Ashley." And yes he does! I love our Dr. Ku. He came in and immediately and talked me through it all. He said we had so many amazing embryos and the one they chose was beautiful! He is very confident that it will take and if it doesn't, they will for sure do 2 next time.

The transfer went beautifully! Here is our beautiful baby who is snuggling his (yes, we've decided it's a boy) way into my lining as we speak! Actually, he should already be snuggled in and getting very comfy in his home for the next 9 months!And now we just wait. I'm hoping these next 9 days go quickly! I love being PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise). That's right! There is a baby inside me and I AM PREGNANT!! :) Meet our little baby!

 After 30 minutes of being inverted on my gurney (apparently my uterus sits up and down and not side to side like it should so Dr. Ku wanted gravity to help us out), we were allowed to go home. We got in the car, I propped up my feet, and Kyle drove to the nearest Einstein's Bagels. My favorite breakfast treat! He treats me like a princess!

I also had the wonderful privilege of hanging out with Amber from Three Ladies and Their Gent. I found her blog when we first starting going through infertility. Her and her husband's story is so similar to Kyle and I's. I found out that they lived close to us, and we have been emailing back and forth for the past year and we finally got to meet up this Friday and I got to love on her sweet girls, Parker and Jolie! Both our husbands said, "Isn't it going to be weird, meeting up with someone you don't know?"To which we both replied, "heck no, it's like we know each other already!" We had a blast!
So glad God brought the two of us together!! I treasure all of the encouragement she has given me over the past year!
Parker walking like a champ! They are only 11 months old and are both walking with confidence! Amber's hands are full for sure!
look at that cheesin' grin!
Jolie and I were having some serious conversation! Parker is behind crawling away! That girl is always on the move!
So now we wait till November 11. I'm praying I don't get the call at work. I get off at 12:30 and that's in the middle of lunch time so hopefully it'll be an afternoon call! I don't want to be around anyone when I hear either way. I want to be able to express my emotions freely no matter the results.

Prayers for all my mommas who are in their two week wait and for those mommas who have recently gotten results that weren't ideal. I love you all and value all of the relationships I've grown through this blogging experience!
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  1. Sooo happy everything went well!! My fingers are crossed for you!! Such a cute little embryo!! I think was my favorite part of ivf was seeing the sweet embryo!! Best of luck!!

  2. YAY!!! I'm so glad you feel good about the transfer, and I agree with Ashely... the best part of the transfer for me was seeing the embryos! I sobbed the moment I saw their pictures! Yours is beautiful! (:

    Can't wait for more updates.

  3. Hooray! .... Each moment of heartache is sweeter when you know how your heart has longed for a baby. When I was going through infertility and struggling, I sang "Blessings" by Laura Story and "Before the Morning" by Josh Wilson ALL the time! .... I now have a sweet 14 month old son & about a month ago, I was dancing with him and singing "Before the Morning". He paused mid-song and he gave me the sweetest eyes, grabbed my face in his hands, smiled, and kissed me so long and hard. Hands down, ....Sweetest.moment.of.my.life.
    God has got it all in His hands. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Praying for you and that little baby:) love you!

  5. Look how pretty you are in that hospital gown...hair done and all! Hoping all goes well : )

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