The most joyous sound you ever did hear

I will let the video do the talking.
Isn't that just the most beautiful thing you've ever heard? I cried tears of joy! This is has been such a long road and God's wonderful blessing was beating right back at us. I have been super emotional lately and knew I'd be emotional when I heard our baby's heart beat. His heart was beating 184 bpm. Nice and strong! I'm starting to think that he may be a she with that strong heart beat. I've heard the higher the heart beat, the more likely it's a girl? We will see in 10 weeks! :)
Our baby now has a visible head, arms, and legs. Looks like a gummy bear. The cutest gummy bear I ever did see?

The morning sickness is all worth it for our miracle!
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  1. LOVE IT!!!! How exciting! The baby sure does look like a gummy bear! Ha ha! :)

  2. Yay! How crazy...I see the gummy bear resemblance!

  3. I still tear up when I hear our baby! That sound will never get old!! Love it!! I remember when ours looked like a gummy bear!!! Congrats on your exciting day'! I bet you are on cloud 9!!! Ps. You will never get off now!!

  4. oh how sweet! Side note...I don't think I will ever eat another gummy bear again. hehe

  5. Cutest gummy bear ever!!!! Absolutely precious, eek so excited for you guys!

  6. What a beautiful sound!!! yay for a growing & strong baby! :)

  7. Girl HB. Super fast high number; strong. Most glorious sound on the planet! I still get teary eyed hearing this sound:-)


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