week 8- Bump Update and Letters For Baby

Bump Update
How far along? 8 weeks
Total weight gain: -2 lbs. Welcome to the world of morning sickness!
Maternity clothes?  I can still fit in my regular pants, but maternity clothes are so much more comfortable!
Stretch marks? nope!
    Sleep: I've been sleeping great besides getting up to pee 1-2 times a night.
Best moment this week: being stuck in our house for 4 days. Honestly, there was no way I could function with this morning sickness. It's ALL day sickness. So I had 4 days to just stay in my pajamas and sleep!
Miss anything? Sushi. I know I've said this before, but sushi has always been a comfort food for me, and I can't have it!!
Food cravings: It seems that whenever I see or smell something I immediately want it!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Oh yes, this has begun! I cannot eat eggs. Even writing the word makes me nauseous. Nothing else really turns me off, but I can smell everything! Kyle has a glass of whiskey the other night, and it was as if he had the glass right under my nose! Yuck.
Gender: Way to soon to tell, but lately I've been having feelings it's a girl. And next week I'm sure I'll feel like it's a boy :)
Labor signs: I sure hope not! He just got in there :)
Symptoms: headaches, cramping, constantly peeing, nausea, can smell everything, acne. It's all beginning!
Belly button in or out?  In! And I don't think it will ever pop. It's the deepest inney ever!
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: I am happy! Our baby is doing amazing and I couldn't be happier!
Looking forward to: our first OB appointment tomorrow! Can't wait to see and hopefully hear the baby!
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  1. You look great! :) I can't wait to see ultrasound photos!! Yay! :)

  2. You have such a happy glow!! Love the updates!!

  3. Oh my goodness I hear ya on the eggs!! And at about 16 weeks I thought I could handle it - nope it was bad and I will leave it at that. Still don't like them at 27 weeks!! Haha
    You look great!!! Glad things are going smoothly !!!

  4. Yay for being sick!! Such a good and yet bad thing! Get used to it though. Parenting is all about contradictory feelings!

  5. I remember feeling like 8 weeks was a big milestone- congrats! Almost there!

  6. I love your letters to the baby! I can't wait to hear how the sono goes :)

  7. Hope your appt goes great tomorrow!


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