Spring Break 2014

Hello friends! I know I missed Miss Rae's 21 week update, but I have a good excuse! My family and I were on a cruise for the past week! It was a wonderful, relaxing time! We all enjoyed it greatly! So take a look at our trip. I wish I had been better at taking pictures, but I was having too much fun laying out in the sun!
finally on the boat ready to sail!

So we cruised out of Miami and got on the boat about 12 and the boat set sail at 4:30pm. So we packed our swim suits in my carry on so we could change as soon as we got on the boat! I put on sun screen and laid out all afternoon! It  was wonderful, but I got SO burnt! My skin has been really sensitive since being pregnant, and that day was no exception! Goodness! From then on, I reapplied sunscreen 3-4 times and it helped me not get burnt again. Fortunately for me, when I get burnt, it turns into tan a few days later so now I have a nice glow :)
dinner on formal night. dress from ASOS maternity.
selfie in our tiny room!
at karaoke watching sister sing
oysters in key west. I did not have any! Yuck!
enjoying my pina colada. virgin of course!
Rae enjoying the sun! Swim suit from Victoria's Secret. bottoms- ruched hipkini and top- the getaway halter top
Ok, I can't say ENOUGH about this top! I REALLY struggled finding a top that looked good and I wasn't spilling out of. My chest has grown exponentially and NONE of my old tops fit, but this one is AMAZING!! It has amazing coverage and holds it all in AND the back is not a tie, it's a clasp which I LOVE! I plan on rocking this swimsuit all summer long! I bought it in black and turquoise and have lots of bottoms to rotate back and forth with. Even the bottoms I have on now match my turquoise top. If you need a swimsuit, get this one! Even if you aren't pregnant, get this top!
sissy and I the last night. Isn't her outfit is ADORABLE?! Wish I could have pulled it off!
on our way to the airport. trip is over and we were sad, but excited to go home and see our fur babies!
on the plane on the way home
The trip home was a tough one! Flying to Miami was not bad at all, but I think a whole week of activity, walking around at each port, and being on my feet alot got to me. To get home, we flew from Miami to Atlanta, switched planes and flew from Atlanta to Houston, then FINALLY Houston to Dallas. When we got off the plane in Atlanta we had 20 minutes to get to our next flight. But of course, I was so nauseous and got sick. Right after I got sick, my nose started bleeding. Flying pregnant is tough work!

This is what my feet looked like before our flight from Houston to Dallas. You can see the imprint from my sandals on the tops of my feet :( I was happy to finally be home after 12 hours of traveling!
Despite the bad traveling home, the trip was fantastic! It was a great time to spend with my husband and family. Can't wait when we get to take Rae with us on vacation!
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  1. Looks like fun- where did you guys go?

    I had to fly last week, at 32 weeks, for work, from Ontario (Southern CA, not Canada) to Houston, and it was not fun. I didn't swell or feel sick, but I was super uncomfortable with the lack of leg room. I can't imagine flying any later during pregnancy!

    1. haha I completely forgot to include where we went didn't I? :) We went to Nassau, Coco Cay, and Key West. Coco Cay is a small island owned by Royal Caribbean, but the weather was not cooperating and it was too windy for us to dock, so we had to stay a day at sea with TONS of drunk college kids :) Wasn't too bad once we found somewhere to lay out! :)

  2. Welcome back! Looks like you had a great time; I'm glad you're one of those fortunate people who tan... I burn and then peel and that's about it. I may get some tan towards the end of the summer. I love love love your swim suit! I've been looking online & may have to take your advice on that top! So cute!

  3. Glad you are back! Can't wait to see more updates on Miss Rae! :) Looks like you had so much fun! Love the pics! Sorry about your sickness, bloody nose, and sore feet! :(

  4. It's so funny that you talk about that top! I struggled finding one after having Daniel and due to nursing, because the girls overflow out of anything! This has been the only one to keep them in! Lol. Looks like you all had a blast!

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Love RC cruises! It was so weird seeing this post, because I just blogged about cruising today. So glad you had a great time!

  7. I've been waiting for a picture update! Looks like y'all had a blast!

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