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So I thought it would be fun to get to know each other a little more. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our infertility, that it becomes our identity, but I want to learn more about all of YOU! So copy and paste the ABC survey and link up below.

Addictions:  online shopping, shoes, Kendra Scott, Tory Burch, mani/pedis, chips and salsa
Bed size:  King (Kyle is WAY too tall for anything smaller!)

Chore you hate:  umm all of them? hahaha, but really, I would say cleaning the toilet. Gag!
Dogs or cats: definitely dogs!

Essential start of your day:  as soon as I wake up I check my email and have a bowl of cereal
Favorite color:  pink
Gold or silver: silver
Height:  5 foot 6
Instruments you play (or have played):  piano since I was 8
Jobs titles you’ve had: teacher, nanny, sales associates, sno-cone maker, pharmacy tech, gymnastics coach, camp counselor
Kids you want to have:  We want to have a big family! We are thinking 4.
Live: South (Texas baby!)
Mom’s name: Cindy
Nickname:  Ash
Overnight hospital stays: once when I was 10 when I had my tonsils out
Pet peeve:  neighbors dogs barking!

Quote from a movie: “Let's start with you, shall we? You've got the mochachino face, beautiful skin, and the big broad shoulders, OK? Let's put a dead animal on you! Croc-skin... buttercream... buttercream... croc-skin... buttercream...What size is the waist? Let's go in!" Rush Hour 2. LOVE this movie!
Right or left handed:  left-handed
Siblings: One little sister
Time you wake up: right now at 6:45, but I only have 1 more week of school then I'll get to sleep in!
Under My Bed: Lots of dust!

Vegetables you dislike:  cabbage, ugh the smell is just GROSS!
What makes you run late:  Everything? Not giving myself enough time to get ready, changing a ziillion times, being on the computer, spending too much time on my hair
X-rays you’ve had done: for my back. I have 2 bulging disks in my lower back. had to get an MRI and x-ray this past summer
Yummy food you make:  these snickerdoodles are to die for!
Zoo animal: I just love the zoo! All the animals are fun to look at, but I love the gorillas!

So now it's your turn! Copy and paste and link up below!

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