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Well I just got home from my 30 week appointment. It was supposed to be a routine appointment. Kyle wasn't coming because our last appointment literally lasted 5 minutes, so there was no reason for him to come this time. Boy was I wrong!

I was called back and they weighed me like normal. I covered my eyes like I always do, but I was interested to see how much I had gained in the past 2 weeks. We've been walking a mile every night and I am doing an arm workout daily too. So when she told me I had gained FIVE pounds I literally almost fell off the table. The nurse tries to make me feel better by saying you gain a lot at the end, but it didn't make me feel any better. I had been trying so hard to be active and then this boom was lowered.

So then my OB walked in. She tells me that 5 pounds in 2 weeks really worries her and then she tells me how much I've gained total. A number I didn't want to know. THIRTY pounds! Oh my gosh!! Are you kidding me? She tells me that she was surprised I passed my glucose test at my last appointment with how much weight I've gained. She then tells me that she only wants me to gain 10 more pounds for the ENTIRE pregnancy. (yeah right!) She wants me to watch what I eat and google "diabetic diets while pregnant" because I need to watch what I eat. No crazy crash diets, but a diet.

Ugh. I feel so defeated. I know I've been gaining weight. I can feel it. My clothes don't fit. Yes, my PREGNANCY clothes, don't fit! I had to buy new clothes in a bigger size. But the hits kept coming.

She wants to do a growth sonogram at my next appointment to check on Reagan and if she's measuring big she may want to induce at 38-39 weeks. When she measured my belly it was measuring at 31-32 weeks. I'm almost 30 weeks.

This breaks my heart. I haven't talked about this on the blog because everyone is entitled to their own birth, but Kyle and I want to do a natural birth and have been taking a Bradley Birthing class for the past 8 weeks. We are so excited about this and are so ready for it! That is, if I'm not induced. When you're induced your body is forced to dilate before it's ready and brings on crazy contractions that are stronger than a normal labor. It's very unlikely to get through an induced labor naturally.

So pretty much I feel like I've failed my baby by gaining so much weight. I should have watched what I ate. I should have put that cookie back. I should have had more self control.

My next appointment also had to be pushed back an extra week and a half because the sono tech is only in on Mondays and in 2 weeks that Memorial Day. Just annoying.

Praying I can stick to healthy eating because I have no self control. I LOVE food! Any extra prayers that I can stick to it and that baby is measuring on track instead of ahead would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. So sorry to hear the appointment didn't go as well as you'd like. I'll be praying for you to figure out a healthy diet! So glad everything else is going well.

  2. Girl, I know so many people who gained way, way, WAY more weight than that. One of my friends gained 60 pounds! She lost it all almost right away and her baby was only about 7 pounds. Almost everyone I know gained 40 or more. I know that they say this is a lot of weight, but I don't want you to feel like you're some kind of anomaly. I know you'll do great with eating healthy because it is for your baby.

  3. I'm sorry sweetie. I've gained 8 pounds and I'm 15 weeks. My doctor was NOT happy with me. I'm worried about my glucose test when I have to take it. Prayers for you. Self control is a bitch! ;)

  4. Praying for you. I am sorry your appointment didn't go as planned. It is so hard to hear those things and its so easy to get caught up in feeling defeated, but you are doing an amazing thing. You are carrying a baby. You are giving life to another human being. You are doing a wonderful thing and are trying everything you can to keep her healthy. Know that if in the end things don't work out as you have planned that you haven't failed. God has a plan for how miss Reagan is coming into this world and it will be perfect even if you have to be induced. Stay strong mama :) You can do this :)

  5. You got this Ashley. Try sticking to the Brewer diet as much as you can but even then I've heard of people gaining a lot of weight eating healthy. Also, talk to your Bradley instructor about possible induction and options. I know how you feel. When Claire decided she wanted to come so late, I was so worried I would have to be inducded.

    1. My post froze so I couldn't finish. I'll be praying for you guys! Also, nothing wrong w a big baby! Claire was over 8lbs but I don't remember how I was measuring.

  6. Wow, I'm kind of shocked that 30 lbs. for 30 weeks is such a red flag for them. I was always told an average of up to 1 lb. per week is normal, which is where you're still at technically. The weight thing is so crazy during pregnancy. I've had days where I've literally gained 3 lbs overnight and it will stay there and then nothing the next week. So odd and I'm sure a lot might be water weight too. Praying for self control to be on the safe side and hoping things will level out some days/weeks to even things out. So awesome you guys are shooting for a natural delivery! You should be proud of that!

  7. I will be thinking about you these next 10 weeks!! I'm not so good with self control either and that seems to be apparent with my belly size these days lol. I know that isn't the way you wanted your doctor's appt. to go, but everyone and every pregnancy is SO different. Little Reagan will be such a blessing no matter how she comes into this world and personally, I just can't wait to stalk her pictures all over facebook and your blog :) :)

    Wishing you the BEST these last weeks of pregnancy!


  8. Hi Ashley! Just hopped over from Aubrey's blog and had to say hi. I wanted to let you know that my OB would say you're right on track. I gained 49 pounds with my first and my OB didn't blink an eye. I passed the glucose, had a healthy, happy, big baby boy and then lost all the weight over the next 6-8 months. I've really not heard of an OB saying anything negative about a pound-per-week weight gain and wouldn't stress too much about it. Fat on your body is good for the baby's brain development! :) I'm at 30 weeks right now so just a week behind you and getting SUPER excited!

  9. Just wanted to say that it is ok to change care providers if you need someone to be more open to natural birth. Have you discussed your desire to have a natural birth with them? We found out our OB was not going to be entirely supportive, and most importantly, neither was the actual hospital. So, at 34 weeks, we switched hospitals and care providers to hospital-based midwives and got the natural birth we wanted. There are so many unnecessary "red flags" in the birth world and hopefully in your Bradley class you are learning about them! Also, I highly recommend hiring a doula. :)


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