week 36- bump update and letters to Reagan (or Raegan)

Yes, you read that title right. We are back to debating the spelling of her name. Oy vey! Who knows what or when we decide on the spelling. It seriously could be when I'm holding her after she's born! But hey, at least little miss has a name! :)

Bump Update
How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain: 31 pounds. At my last appointment I hadn't gained any weight. My doctor is very proud of me! In the past 6 weeks I've gained 1 pound. Apparently I just put all my weight on early in my pregnancy!

Maternity clothes? I'm surviving on t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts!

Stretch marks? nope! Wahoo!

    Sleep: ugh. Don't even mention sleep to me right now. If I can even fall asleep, the night welcomes continuous braxton hicks, cramping (tummy and legs), and constant peeing. I dread night time.

Best moment this week: having our 2nd baby shower for our sweet Rae!

Miss anything? being able to easily do things like pick something up off the ground or tie my shoes! I should get a gold medal for tying my shoes every night before our walk!

Food cravings: fruit, cheese, avocado, vanilla greek yogurt.

Anything making you queasy or sick? nope, but I have noticed I am starting to get nauseous again at night, so I make sure my stomach is full when I go to bed.

Gender: girl and I'm making the sono tech check and make sure again at her sono on Monday :)

Labor signs: I'm definitely having Braxton Hicks contractions and I'm very crampy. I do have occasional pressure down there so she's getting ready!

Symptoms: round ligament pain,peeing constantly and urgently, swollen ankles, winded easily, braxton hicks, crampy, pressure.

Belly button in or out?  In! but looking more like a belly button slit these days. Who knows if it'll ever pop?

Wedding rings on or off: On! I'm so surprised!

Happy or moody most of the time: When I saw Dr. Ku last week she said "you're still smiling!" Why yes I am! I am one happy momma who can't wait to meet her baby!

Looking forward to: Rae's last baby shower this weekend! Then we will buy any last items that we still need and then just wait till little Miss makes her grand entrance!
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  1. You look so awesome! Just beautiful!

  2. You look awesome!! Names are always the exception to spelling rules. But the teacher in me can hear the poem I teach my kindergarteners "When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking". But I always like names that defy the rules. You'll know when you know. At least you have a name, my hubby & I are never going to agree on one it seems!

  3. You are kicking butt only gaining 1 lb. in the last 6 weeks. Glad you are feeling great and more ready each day. Hope you have a blast at shower #2!

  4. You look beautiful as always!

    I think I like the Reagan spelling better, but the spelling of Rae for short. Rea doesn't sound like Ray. That's a tough one.

  5. Looking great as usual. Thank goodness for naps, right. Congrats on 36 weeks.

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