week 39- bump update and letters for Raegan

Bump Update
How far along? 39 weeks

Total weight gain: 35 pounds

Progress: none at all! 0 cm, 0% effaced

Maternity clothes: I'm surviving on t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts! The Texas heat is HEATING up quick!

Stretch marks: nope! Wahoo!

    Sleep: ugh. Don't even mention sleep to me right now. If I can even fall asleep, the night welcomes continuous braxton hicks, cramping (tummy and legs), and constant peeing. I dread night time.

Best moment this week: spending time with friends and family before our little one arrives. I've been scheduling lots of lunches and dinners with friends. I not uncomfortable at all and have been enjoying spending time with friends and family.

Miss anything? I was looking at all of the previous bump pictures and I miss my pre-pregnancy face. Ready for it to slim down again.

Food cravings: fruit, cheese, avocado, vanilla greek yogurt, popsicles.

Anything making you queasy or sick? nope!

Gender: girl

Labor signs: I'm definitely having Braxton Hicks contractions and I'm very crampy, but besides that, nothing new!

Symptoms: round ligament pain,peeing constantly and urgently, swollen ankles, winded easily, braxton hicks, crampy.

Belly button in or out: It only took 39 weeks but the top of my belly button popped. Still not a complete pop, but it finally kinda happened!

Wedding rings on or off: On! I'm so surprised! But some days I don't wear them when the heat is really bad.

Happy or moody most of the time: I feel just like I did last week. I'm still feeling great, but am really getting impatient. God really taught Kyle and I patience on our road to becoming parents. I really need to dig deep and tap into that patience that He so lovingly taught us back then. He will let our sweet girl arrive when it's time!

Looking forward to: sweet girls arrival.


  1. Wow it's almost time for her arrival!!!

  2. Prayers for a safe delivery! Cannot wait to see her!

  3. It's almost time! I look forward to reading about your adventures as a family of 3! :) I'll be thinking about you guys and at the edge of my chair waiting for the update!!!

  4. I'm so impressed that your rings are still on! I just brought mine down to be re sized yesterday... Pregnancy officially made my fingers bigger!

  5. Love reading your updates! I'm also 39 weeks with no progress at all, will be induced the week of the 28th also if my little girl doesn't decide to make an appearance before then! Good luck!!

  6. You look beautiful!! I am shocked that there has been no progress on her making her arrival!! I hope she gets a move on it for you!!! Come on baby girl!!

  7. C'mon baby Raegan! Can you get some acupuncture to help progress things? Sex, castor oil, maybe some herbs or something...anything to help naturally? I'm praying she will come on her own!!!

  8. Your bump seems like I got really big all of a sudden. LOL. I think that means baby Reagan is coming soon. Can't wait to meet her. ;)

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