2 month update

How are you already 2 months old?! Comparing your 1 month picture to your 2 month picture, I can't believe how much you are changing!

Your personality is starting to shine through and my favorite time with you as right when you wake up in the morning. You're so happy and you love to just sit in my lap and smile at me! Your little cheeks are getting chunkier and that's the only part of you that is! You are so long that there is no where on your body that has little baby rolls!

But oh those cheeks! *swoon*

You did great at your 2 month appointment and only cried for a few second for your shots. But goodness, you were cranky pants that evening when we got home. You cried and cried and when daddy couldn't take it anymore he put you on the bed and told momma it was her turn to watch you. Right as I walked in you let out the biggest blowout in your diaper you've ever had. Turned out you had gas on top of being cranky from the shots. Once we changed your diaper, you were good to go!

Your hair is getting blonder and I am so happy about that! Daddy wanted his little girl to be his blue eyed blondie and it looks like he's going to get his wish!

You are so particular in regards to who can hold you. Momma and Daddy are #1, and now you are ok with Cece and Gramma Kate and Aunt Coco, but not for long. You want Momma and Daddy pretty quick. And anyone who you don't know, forget it. You will last maybe 2 minutes :) But I can't complain. I can't describe the joy I get knowing that I am the only one who can calm you down in the drop of a hat. Even when Daddy can't calm you down, Momma can. I sure love you sweet little girl.

Your surgery to repair your cleft palate is coming up on October 22. We are so ready to have this over with. You will have to stay in the hospital over night and have a feeding tube for 10 days once you come home. We are praying your doctor can fix the entire cleft palate so that we do not have to do this again at 18 months.

We found out you love to sleep on your tummy so nap time is going so much better! You still sleep on your back at night since you are swaddled, but as soon as you can roll over, I know we won't be able to stop you from sleeping on your tummy.

I love you sweet Raegan Phair. You made me a momma when I wasn't sure if that was ever going to happen. I can't wait to tell you about how you were our miracle baby one day.

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