Exactly One Year Ago Today...

I can't believe that it has been 1 year since finding out that our IVF cycle worked and we were pregnant!
I can still remember the emotions like it was yesterday. I woke up at 3am having to pee (good sign right?) and I knew I wanted to test before going in for my beta at the RE's office. But I knew if I peed right then, I wouldn't have to go before Kyle went to work. But I couldn't hold it anymore. So I got up and heard Kyle rustling. I asked if he was awake and when he said yes, I headed to the bathroom to take the test. I decided I needed two tests to make sure. And oh my goodness, those 3 minutes went by so slowly. I was convinced they were going to be negative. I didn't feel any different, no signs of being pregnant. But boy was I wrong! When we saw our beautiful 2 pink lines and a definite yes, I just burst into tears.
It was finally our turn. 

Our turn to make the announcement.

Our turn to hear our baby's heart beat for the first time.

Our turn to have a gender reveal.

Our turn to post weekly belly pictures.

Our turn to plan out the nursery.

Our turn to pick out names.

Our turn to welcome our little miracle into the world.

 We are so blessed by you Raegan Phair. You don't know how incredibly special you are. We can't wait to watch you grow and eventually add more miracles to our family so that you can have brothers and sisters to grow up with. We love you so much, our little sunshine baby!


  1. I LOVE this! I remember your post a year ago! I was/am so very happy for you! She is a beauty, just like her mommy! Gorgeous and happy family! Yay! ;)

  2. LOVE!!!! So happy for you guys! She is such a cutie!

  3. I remember reading abot your IVF process and to see you now with your little girl is just so heartwarming. I love that you are commemorating this one year anniversary by looking back on everything. That girl is just so cute, and it just proves that all the tears and the struggle was worth it :)

  4. I'm so glad you have so much to celebrate in this past year! Your precious girl is such a blessing.

  5. So perfect! How amazing what a difference a year makes, huh?!

  6. She looks so different! Getting bigger every day ☺ Hard to believe it's been a year, I remember finding out we were so close in our cycle and being so excited for you! Reagan is ADORABLE! Hugs!

  7. Making me tear up yet again! What a beautiful memory and such a beautiful family too!

  8. So happy for you guys! Rae is so beautiful and a miracle baby for sure! Praise the Lord for her :)

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