Safe Sleeping {HALO sleepsack giveaway}

As I've been researching ways to help Raegan sleep at night and how to keep her safe while she was sleeping I was astounded that more than half of U.S. parents say their babies sleep with pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets despite recommendations from their pediatricians! Holy moly that's a lot!


By having all of these extras in the bed with baby, their chance of SIDS goes way up. I know for me I worry about Raegan constantly and I don't want to add anything to increase her risk of SIDS at all. So when Raegan goes to sleep, there are no stuffed animals, no blankets, and no pillows in her crib. But then you might ask, how does she stay warm? That's where the HALO sleepsack comes in!

This amazing little sleepsack keeps baby warm during the night. We had the HALO swaddle sleepsack when Raegan was born and it was great because we could swaddle her arms and her muscle jerk reaction wouldn't wake her up. Now that she's older, she wants her arms free to sleep which is why the HALO sleepsack is perfect! Mostly because she wants to put her thumb in her mouth, which I'm fine with because she's learning to self soothe! She is also starting to roll over and she can do that in her sleepsack.

Now we always put her to bed on her back, but if she wants to be a tummy sleeper, so be it! The sleepsack allows her to have her arms free to help her roll, but still gives her that since of snugness and security.

Here are some more safety tips to remember when you are putting baby down.

  • Place baby to sleep on his or her back at naptime and at night time. 
  • Use a crib that meets current safety standards with a firm mattress that fits snugly and is covered with only a tight-fitting crib sheet.
  • Remove all soft bedding and toys from your baby’s sleep area (this includes loose blankets, bumpers, pillows and positioners). The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests using a wearable blanket instead of loose blankets to keep your baby warm.
  • Offer a pacifier when putting baby to sleep to help baby soothe. If breastfeeding, introduce pacifier after one month or after breastfeeding has been established as not to have nipple confusion.
  • After feeding the baby in the middle of the night, put your baby back to sleep in his or her separate safe sleep area alongside your bed or in his or her own nursery.
  • Room share, but don’t bed share. Bed sharing can put a child at risk of suffocation.
  • Never put your baby to sleep on any soft surface (adult beds, sofas, chairs, water beds, quilts, sheep skins etc.)
  • Never dress your baby too warmly for sleep; keep room temperature 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Never allow anyone to smoke around your baby or take your baby into a room or car where someone has recently smoked.
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4 months old

Goodness gracious I have to get better at posting her monthly updates! She will be 5 months in 10 days. Sheesh! And 1 of the reasons I'm late is because I couldn't get her to cooperate sitting in her chair in her nursery. I wanted to take the picture in the same place, but that has proved to be pretty hard if she's not into it. So each month has been a different place. Oh well! Life of a momma.
Look how big you are getting Raegan Phair! Who would have known the string bean baby I brought home from the hospital would turn into a chunk like you? You have rolls all over your arms and legs and those cheeks are just as chunky as they could be! You are growing like a weed. The activity jumper we got you in early November already needs to be pulled up a notch so your legs fit under it. When we first got it your toes barely touched the floor.

You are sitting up on your own, but when you fall over is unpredictable. Sometimes it's 2 seconds later or 1 minute later. You're getting better every day!

We have moved you to your crib because you figured out how to flip yourself over in your rock n play. You sneaky little girl! We had to be very creative in how to elevate your crib since you have to sleep at an incline because of your cleft palate. But we've made it work and you're sleeping great.

We also started letting you learn to put yourself to sleep. Oh goodness, you weren't too happy about that. Especially during nap time. You got the hang of it pretty quickly at night, but naps have been brutal, but your protest gets less and less at every nap.

You love to laugh, giggle, and smile. You react when anyone talks to you a with a huge toothless grin. You love to blowing spit bubbles and I can even hear you doing it over the monitor in the middle of the night. You little night owl.

You love when momma sings to you! I pretty much sing to you all day to keep you smiling! And most of the songs I've made up, but you love them.

We just had your 2nd sleep study and how to get the results back soon. You slept great except when they had to mess with the equipment. Momma and Daddy sleeping on the other hand, was not so great.

You are changing every day and I can't believe 4 months has already gone by! We love you so much our Raegan Phair.


Christmas Card Link Up

I am linking up with Lyndsey over at "Life.Laughter.Love Loftlands" to show off our Christmas card!
When I was younger, I was always bugging my mom to do a Christmas card. She would always do one, but said she wouldn't write a letter. I couldn't wait to be married and have my own family to write a letter for each year! I love looking how things have changed over the years! My mom has saved each of our cards since the year we got married. This is our 6th Christmas as a married couple. I may have to go take pictures of them when I'm at her house and post them here!

I absolutely love checking out everyone's cards, what they've been up to this year, and how their families have changed! Here is ours!

Writing this year's letter was such a sweet experience. Last Christmas we sent our our pregnancy announcement as a New Year's card, and this year we got to announce the birth of our miracle baby. It took us a long time to get pregnant with her and stay pregnant with her. She is for sure our miracle baby and I am still in awe that she is here and she is all ours!

Christmas Conversations

I'm linking up with my dear friend, Abby, over at her adorable blog, The Inspired Apple! Part education, part personal blog! She's just pure awesomeness if you ask me. She has this adorable linky that I can't wait to share with you!

Head on over and join the fun! It's a quick and easy!! :)  
Merry Christmas!!
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