100th Post

As I begin writing this post, I noticed that it was the 100th post of this blog.


This blog has come a long way.

It began as a blog documenting our life as a married couple.

Then turned into a blog documenting our journey to becoming parents.

A journey that we had no idea would take the road that it did.

We began as "Man and Wife And Two Fur Babies".

This blog documented our journey to Baby Sanderson.
Once our miracle baby arrived, it was time for a new name. I knew I wanted it to be something that could last for the entirety of the blog. That's when "The Mrs. & Co." was born.

I love how far this blog has come.

I love the relationships that have been built through this blog.

Even though most of my readers friends are ladies I have never met, I consider each of you a dear friend! We have been through transfers together, losses together, and births of our miracle babies together. I am so thankful for each of you.

Now for some baby spam. Because in the end, she is the sole purpose of this blog. To document her life and the amazing journey that God took us down to have her.


  1. Happy 100th post! Times goes by so quickly! I love the new look, it's so pretty :)

  2. Happy 100th!!! And loving your baby spam :)

  3. Happy 100th post :) And that little miracle baby of yours just keeps getting cuter. Once my baby girl arrives, we should plan a meet up sometime! You're in Dallas right? I'm in Austin!

  4. Happy 100th! OMG, she has the cutest face!!

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