Six Months

Well I can't believe that we are half way through your first year Miss Raegan Phair. You are getting big and getting a good smiling picture of you is getting harder and harder!

Weight: 16 lbs. 12 oz.
Height: 26.5 inches

Sleep:  You are an amazing sleeper! Your bedtime is at 7pm and if we try to put you down later, you get angry! I feed you, kiss you goodnight, and put you in your crib on your back. You roll over on your tummy, talk a little to yourself, then you are out for the night! You wake up about 6:30am, eat, then go back down until 8:30-9am. It's amazing! You nap twice a day and need 3 hours of wake time before you're ready to go back down. If I try to put you down early, you cry, until you hit that 3 hour mark, then fall asleep. You don't take long naps, but your'e getting better!

Eat: You are a breastmilk baby and that's it! We haven't tried solids yet because of your cleft palate. We will probably hold off until after your repair surgery in April.

Diapers: You are in size 3 diapers. For the longest time I had you size 2, but every time you pooped, you had a blow out. We went up a size and the blow outs stopped. Thank goodness!

Clothes: You are mostly in 9 months clothes. You are a long one baby!

Talk: You love to squeal! We recently went out for dinner and actually had to shush you because your squeals were so loud! You also said "mama" this month! Oh my heart grew 2 sizes when I heard that!

Other: You had your first cold last week. You were so stopped up and snored like a freight train at night. It didn't seem to phase you though. Still your happy little self! Momma got sick too, which was tough, but we got through it! 

You are sitting up on your own.
And since you love sitting up we transitioned you to the sink for bath time. You cry when it's time to get out.

You also love holding your own bottle! You can't drink from it yet, but your favorite thing to do after I feed you, is to chew on the nipple. You're such a big girl! 
And speaking of bottles, you start taking your meals from a regular bottle instead of your special bottle. This is a HUGE step in your eating ability!
You also can sit in the front of the shopping cart now. You no longer need your car seat. 
And when we go out, you get to sit in your stroller facing out. You love being able to see everything and EVERYONE loves seeing you! We can't go anywhere without being told how cute you are. And I might have to agree!

You also got to meet your great grandpa, Papa. He was so excited to meet you too!

We love you sweet girl! More than we ever thought we could!


  1. Love you sweet girl!! Can't believe how big you are getting! Wayta go on saying "mama" and eating out of a regular bottle...your awesome!

    1. She is growing up so fast! I honestly can't believe how quickly time is going by!

  2. Her eyes are beautiful! She is one adorable and healthy growing baby girl

  3. How is she that big!! And how is she that cute!!!! OMG! She is precious!!

  4. She is so precious!! I can't believe how big she has gotten :)

  5. She is adorable!! You must kiss her cheeks all.the.time!! I love the size of her bead maze. Where did you get it? Thank you. :)

    1. Oh yes! THE CHEEKS! They are amazing! The bead maze was at the doctor's office. She loved it!

  6. She is SO cute! I love that you have her in so much leopard :) And I feel like I have alot of the same headbands! Isn't having a baby girl the best?!

  7. Good Lord, she is 6 months already??? And she said "mama"?! Wow. Just wow. So adorable and so precious!

  8. omg, what a DOLL!! she is just too cute. love the bath time video!

  9. Love this Carters wearing sweet girl-SaraLee

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