Where We Always Fall

Since we began our infertility journey, we have always fallen into the small percentage. 

Whether it was a good or bad thing.

30% chance Kyle's surgery wouldn't work. 
It didn't.

1-5% of getting pregnant on our own.
We did. 

20% chance of miscarrying.
We lost our 1st baby.

1 out of 2000 babies are born with an isolated cleft palate.
Our baby has a cleft palate.

1 out of 14,000 babies' cleft palates are linked to a syndrome called Pierre Robin.
Our baby has isolated Pierre Robin Syndrome.

1-5% chance of having another child with a cleft palate or Pierre Robin.
Only God knows.

I am scared out of my mind for our future children. We saw a geneticist for Raegan and they did genetic testing to rule out any other syndromes that go along with Pierre Robin and a cleft palate.

Her results came back normal.

They tell me not to worry.

But how can I not. Every time someone gives me the "chances" of something and end the statement with "but don't worry it's a small percentage," I can't help but scoff.

I believed what they said so many times and then we would fall into the "small percentage" yet again.

I try not to focus on all of the small percentages we have and may fall into in the future.

Because one of the best percentages we ever fell into, was the 60-70% chance of IVF success.
In the end, she is worth all of it.


  1. What a beautiful photo!!! I always think about the percentage thing too because someone will be that percentage. I pray another beautiful baby is in store for your family :)

    1. Thank you! Prayers for you too during your IVF cycle!

  2. Yes she is! You were blessed with the most gorgeous baby girl! :)

  3. Oh Ashley, I read this and I couldn't help but think of some of the similarities in our stories - always falling in the minority (and usually never in a good way). But you are right - she is so worth all of it, and despite everything, she is a PERFECT baby!!! She was meant for you and you were meant for her. I love this picture - you are both beautiful (and seriously, that is your color!) and you both look so happy. She is so lucky you are her mama!

    1. And you're going to make me cry! She was meant for me. God knew I could handle her and her differences after everything we've been through. I wouldn't change it for anything!

  4. Gorgeous pic! I love your new blog design. And I'm so glad that the one stat that mattered the most turned out the way that it did.

  5. And soooooo adorable at that!! :)

  6. And soooooo adorable at that!! :)

  7. Beautiful photo! I have fallen into the "bad" small percentage s too. But you did fall into that awesome percentage of success& she is quite the beautiful sucess! <3 -SaraLee

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