Happy Birthday Petri

As I spent my day with Raegan and Kyle yesterday, I just had this uneasy feeling that I couldn't shake all day. It wasn't until I was laying in bed that I realized why I was feeling that way.

It would have been our first child's 1st birthday.

I remember this time last year remembering our sweet boy on his due date.

We don't know for sure if he was a boy, but we always felt like he was. Kyle nicknamed him Petri and it stuck from the first time he said it. Our sweet Petri.

I can't really describe how it makes me feel because we have our sweet Raegan now to ease the sting of the fact our first pregnancy ended in a loss, but even with having her, it still hurts.

Petri, we miss you every day and can't wait to meet you and hold you again.


  1. Thinking of you today. Our losses stay with us and make us stronger. Lots of hugs.

  2. I'm just catching up to blog posts now, but thinking of you and Petri. It is so difficult saying goodbye to a baby - no one should have to do it. You WILL see him and hold him again. This lifetime is short compared to what is awaiting for us.

  3. Today is the day I found out Braxton was deceased in utero. I know those can't shake dates. The 11th has been blaring at me since beginning of month& I know!it was the day I had what I thought to be a great follow up u/s. He was 13-15weeks gestation. He is my saving grace (why I know a he-testing etc...)& sent me my Collin(first rainbow babe) & surprised us with a Girl! My CoCo; Chloe bugg! Thinking of you. Wait until we meet our babies on the other side in a beautiful meeting one day again:-) -SaraLee
    love your blog thus far! Started from newest. Must.go.to.bed...

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