Trend Spin Link Up- Sandals

It is FINALLY warm enough today to wear sandals and I am so excited to be linking up with my friend, Laura, over at Walking In Memphis in High Heels. When I first started reading her blog I loved reading it for the fashion tips, but then I found out that she was pregnant by IVF with her daughter. We quickly connected over our miracle daughters. 

Every week she has a link up for her Trend Spin Link Up. And wouldn't you know, this week's link up is sandals!

When I first saw these sandals, I immediately fell in love! Then when I saw the price I feel in love even more. They are adorable and have so many colors in them that they can pretty much match anything. This JCREW skirt is only one of many things I have in my closet that match them.

I hope you swing by Laura's blog to check out all the other ways that bloggers have been wearing sandals lately!


  1. I saw this post when you first put it up but I'm only getting the time now to catch up with blog commenting. You are so cute! What a put-together mommy! I swear some days I can't even get out of pajamas, but hopefully that will change soon. And it looks beautiful out there! We still have snow on the ground :( but hopefully that changes soon too!

  2. Love those sandels! I would love those for work! -SaraLee

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