To All Moms {To Be}

As Mother's Day approaches, I've had this comment said to me numerous times over the past couple days.

"Are you excited for your first Mother's Day?"

Immediately my heart beats quickens and my hands clench, and I want to reply with, "This isn't my first Mother's Day."

But I always kindly respond with a smile, "Of course I am!"

At first look, this is my first Mother's Day. This is the first time that I'm "allowed" to celebrate being a mother because I have a living child.

But what about when I wasn't a mom, but wanted to be?

Does that not count?

Mother's Day 2013 we were waiting. I wanted to be a mom then, badly.

Mother's Day 2014 I was pregnant, but still mourning the loss of our first baby. I was still a mother even though I was told I was only a "mother to be."

To the mom who is still "waiting",
Happy Mother's Day.

To the mom who isn't considered a "mom" yet because you've lost your baby,
Happy Mother's Day.

To the mom who is newly pregnant after years of waiting but isn't considered a "mom" yet,
Happy Mother's Day.

To the mom who has a living baby and an angel baby,
Happy Mother's Day.

The the mom who is still waiting for their child through adoption,
Happy Mother's Day.

You are a mom. It's engraved in your DNA, whether or not your child has been born yet.

I pray that you will feel the peace of God wrapped around you tomorrow as you face one of the toughest holidays in the life of a mom who is still waiting or has lost their child. Even for the moms who have a living baby, but an angel baby in Heaven, I pray God grants you the same peace.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” {Psalm 34:18}
a letter given to my by sister for Mother's Day 2013


  1. I love this. And your sister's letter is so sweet and true.

  2. Love this post friend!!! What a sweet sister too!

  3. Happy Mothers Day to you and all the special mommas you mentioned - it is a very tough day for so many x

  4. This is beautiful Ashley :) Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Brought tears to my eyes, great post! Thank you :)

  6. I can totally relate. Someone told me happy first mothers day and I just froze. I didn't know how to respond because THIS ISNT MY FIRST. And it is definitely not yours. But I hope this Mother's Day was an amazing reminder that miracles do happen - I am sure you know that every time you look at Raegan!

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