10 week bump update

Here we go! Updates for #babysandersondos are beginning!

Granted there are no actual pictures of the bump yet, but as soon as I start feeling better I will start taking them!
Bump Update
How far along? 10 weeks

Total weight gain: 0 lbs. I was down a few pounds, but the morning sickness is getting better, so I'm back to even.

Maternity clothes? Surprisingly no. With Raegan I was already in maternity pants, but this time around I'm not yet.

Stretch marks? nope!

Sleep: I sleep great because I'm so exhausted all the time!

Best moment this week: It was more of a bittersweet moment. I woke up this morning to bleeding so we headed to the doctor to check on baby olive and he/she was completely fine! They couldn't find the source of the bleed and told me to just take it easy. It was such a good feeling to see that little flickering heartbeat. Today is the anniversary of losing our first baby 2 years ago. Praising the Lord that my little baby is still growing inside of me.

Miss anything? wine and sushi. ALL.THE.TIME.

Food cravings: no cravings yet. This time around I have WAY more aversions.

Anything making you queasy or sick? chicken. Just typing it makes me want to gag. Really meat in general. And anything that has a strong taste. Oh and baby food. Feeding Raegan is a tough things these days!

Gender: Everyone thinks girl. The heart rate has been high so we will see! I'm hoping it's a boy for Kyle. Poor guy needs some testosterone in the house!

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: BAD morning sickness, acne, exhausted.

Belly button in or out? In! It never popped with Raegan. Doubt it will this time.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: I am exhausted and tired and feel like I'm not being the best mom I can be to Raegan. So I guess you could say moody.

Looking forward to: having this squishy "did she eat too much?" bump turn into a real baby bump.

Hows Dad doing? Besides being freaked out today, he's pretty darn excited!

Raegan's 10 week update

Donut I'd Do Without You

After we found out our IVF was successful, I knew I wanted to do a thank you gift for our RE office. They have given us our family and for that I'm eternally grateful.

As a former teacher, I always loved food gifts and I knew that was the road I wanted to take.

I started looking over Pinterest and found lots of ideas, but this one was my favorite!
I bought 2 dozen donuts, bags and ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and voila! An adorable gift to give to say thank you!

Click here to download the file!

Now I did add "The Sanderson Family" at the bottom of the tags before printing, so you can also add your family name. All you do is insert the JPEG file into a power point presentation, add a text box and your name. Make sure to change the slide size to 8.5x11" so it prints correctly! Then just print and cut out!

I couldn't have been any happier with how they turned out and the entire office was so happy for a sugar break in the afternoon when we came in! Ironically my RE had been talking all day about he was craving donuts, then I showed up! He was so excited!

IVF Update

I know I know. It's been forever! With all good reason my friends!
IVF #2 number was successful and Raegan will be welcoming her baby bubba/sissy into the family in late February 2016!
I promise to do an IVF #2 post about all the details for my #infertilesisters who understand it all :)

I'm incredibly sick. Way more than with Raegan. Maybe it's a boy? Who knows?

Can't wait to feel better and start doing weekly updates. They were my absolute favorite with Raegan!

So far we've had 2 sonograms that have been wonderful! Measuring ahead of schedule with a strong HR of 178 both times!

 I am a little over 9 weeks and this was our first sonogram at 7 weeks 3 days. Sweetest blob you ever did see!
Come back tomorrow to see the adorable gifts I took to my RE's office when we finally graduated to my OB! They LOVED them!


Hair SOS

Have you ever had a hair SOS before?

I'd be lying if I say I hadn't.  I love doing new and different things with my hair.

In high school I decided to get a perm. {bad idea} and not only did I want to get one, but I had my mom do it. Granted, she gives a great perm. Just ask my dad.  But mine just ended up BAD! Because then I decided to chemically straighten it when I realized how bad it was. Ha! My hair was a gooey mess. Over processed and just terrible!

There are no pictures to document it. For GOOD reason!

But don't you worry, there have been many more SOS moments.

Like last Christmas. I decided to want to be blonde. REAL blonde. My hair stylist tried to talk me out of it. I just had a baby and should do a color that's easier to maintain. But no, I chose a hair color that needs maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Yeah, I should of listened to her. She did a fantastic job. I was a blonde! Just like I wanted. But after a few weeks, my roots started growing back in and I realized she was right. 
I'm a natural brunette. I'm sure you can see that by my roots. I should have listened to my hair stylist. 

So I gave my hair a rest since we just pretty much bleached my whole head, then went back to get it fixed.

We darkened the roots to allow my natural hair to grow in and blend, and I loved it!

I'm just glad I didn't have the Aflac duck doing my hair! Things could have been ended up way worse!

I'm sure y'all seen this commercial. It cracks me up every time I watch it!
Hairstyles come and go, but if one thing's for sure, it's that Aflac processes claims fast. And while I might not recommend hiring the Duck for your next cut, I do recommend hearing him out about One Day Pay℠. All eligible online claims submitted before 3pm ET are approved and paid by the next day.

A lot of insurance companies talk about how much money they’ll save policyholders on premiums, but people buy insurance to get paid when they need to file a claim. Aflac understands that claims matter and that it’s important to be there for their policyholders when they need it most.

So some tips I've learned and want to pass on to you to close out this post.

1. Always listen to your hair stylist. They know what they're talking about!
2. Don't make a hair appointment with the Aflac Duck.
3. Do use Aflac for your insurance needs.

This review and giveaway was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management and Aflac. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine."

Summer Fashion

top (unavailable online- clearance item) //shorts (this color unavailable online) //earrings

I don't know about you, but once summer hits I only wear outfits that are comfortable and light. Living in TX it gets hot and I mean HOT! I live in shorts and tank top.

So once the temperatures escalate my search begins.

Well my friends, I am here to tell you about a rare gem of a store!

Honestly, I really didn't think I was going to find anything. I didn't expect for them to be update on the fashion, but boy was I wrong! So wrong!

I found this adorable outfits all for less than $35. Yes you heard me right! That even includes the coral sports bra.

I am all for flowy tops and having a cute colored sports bra peaking through is always the cherry on top. I may have even picked up a black one too, because you always need a black bra.

What I also love is there are so many all over the metroplex!

So what are you waiting for? I just uncovered a great place for summer fashion.

You're welcome.

I was compensated for my review of Cato Fashions.
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