13 week bump update

Bump Update
How far along? 13 weeks

Total weight gain: Today's appointment showed I am up 4 pounds, but like the nurse said the scale really just reads "I'm growing a baby." LOVED that perspective!

Maternity clothes? Always and forever until this baby is born! And probably a little after too.

Stretch marks? not that I have found yet.

Sleep: comes and goes. I've been tossing and turning a lot lately.

Best moment this week: We got to see our adorable little baby today!

Miss anything? wine and sushi. ALL.THE.TIME. This probably won't change the whole pregnancy.

Food cravings: fruit. I craved this with Raegan too. Wonder if that means it's a girl again? Oh and double cheeseburgers from McDonald's.

Anything making you queasy or sick? chicken and anything with a strong smell.

Gender: They took a peak today and we have a....

Haha. Sorry. We haven't told our families yet. So we are keeping it a secret for one more week. Next week check my bump update picture. All of the pom poms will either be pink or blue!

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: morning sickness is getting better, but now I'm breaking out like a hormonal teenager!

Belly button in or out? In! It never popped with Raegan. Doubt it will this time.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Definitely on cloud 9 now that we know boy or girl :)

Looking forward to: telling everyone if we have a baby Harper or a baby Graham in mama's belly!

Hows Dad doing? No comment. Literally. That's what he said.


  1. Oh how exciting I can not wait to hear and I LOVE those names, just precious!!! A double cheeseburger does sound fantastic!

  2. I'm thinking BOY. absolutely LOVE both of the names you picked out!

  3. Is it next week already? Lol can't wait to find out. Hope ur announcement goes great.

  4. I'm loving double cheeseburgers too!!! I just saw the news!! Soo exciting!! Boys are soo much fun!!! Love your nurses analogy on the weight hahah

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