Boy or Girl?

The time has come! I couldn't wait a week to announce it to y'all! If you follow me on instagram or we are facebook friends, then you already know, but for everyone else, here you go!
It's a BOY!

I'm shocked. I was FOR SURE it was a girl. I even had bought newborn headbands I was THAT sure! Ha! Jokes on me!

Baby boy doesn't have a name yet. We thought for sure we'd name him Graham, but after the appointment, I just wasn't feeling a connection between Graham and the baby inside me. So we are working through some names and will announce as soon as we are sure we aren't going to change it.

The reveal was such a sweet little get together of our parents, my Nanny, and my sister and brother in law. Afterwards we went out for Mexican and everyone celebrated with Margaritas. Except me. Boo! I may have sneaked a few sips. Boy did it taste good!

Still can't believe we are having a son. A SON! This is going to take some time getting used to!


  1. This is awesome news!! One of each so exciting and I'm sure your hubby is thrilled!

  2. Yay! This is so exciting! How's R handling everything so far?

    1. The girl has no clue what's going on :) Still thinks the world revolves around her!

  3. Yay! This is so exciting! How's R handling everything so far?

  4. baby boy! SO SWEET!!! I cannot wait for more updates. You are going to be a terrific boy mommy!

  5. I knew I knew I knew it! You had me at acne lol cause this boy made me break out like no other. Plus that cute bump don't lie. Lol congratulations I bet you guys are over the moon.

  6. WOOHOO!!! SO excited for you :) can't wait to hear the name once you decide!

  7. So excited for you! Boys are awesome.

  8. I am so excited for you! Boys are so much fun!!! :) Did you have a DNA test done to find out so early?!

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