PinkBlush Maternity Review {+ giveaway}

It's no secret I love fashion. Even while pregnant I'm always looking for trendy maternity clothes that fall in line with the styles I love.

So when PinkBlush approached to work with them, I was ecstatic!

They are an adorable maternity boutique that carry all maternity clothes; maternity tops, maternity dresses, maternity jeans, and much more!

I wore PinkBlush all through my pregnancy with Raegan. Like seriously. Look at any bump update from her pregnancy and you'll see PinkBlush. And it's of course continuing with baby boy's pregnancy too.

Something new that PinkBlush is carrying is pajamas and robes and I am so stinking excited!
The pajamas are so comfortable and soft and I cannot wait to wear them at the hospital.

With Raegan I had a c-section and couldn't wear pants because of my incision, but these pants are so soft and loose that if I end up with a c-section for this delivery as well, I can definitely wear them without any discomfort.

Another item that I love from PinkBlush are their jeans. I'm a skinny jean gal and these did not disappoint.

And my ALL time favorite shirt that I may have even bought in 2 sizes to make sure I can wear it my whole pregnancy, is this baseball tee.

So soft.

So comfortable.

Bottom line.

And paired with white converse, it's just casual perfection.
With a growing belly sizing can always be tricky. So here's my experience.

Pre-pregnancy I wear small.

Form fitting tops/dresses: size up
Flowy tops/dresses: true to size
jeans: size up

And good news is they do free returns, so if you get the wrong size, exchanging it is easy!

Now for the fun part! I am giving away $50 to PinkBlush Maternity so you can try their clothes too!

Scroll to the top left of the screen and click on my Instagram icon where I'm having the giveaway.

Good luck friends! The giveaway ends on Sunday at 9pm.


  1. I am LOVING PinkBlush too! My very favorite items are from them. I just ordered a new dress for my shower, it's a longer one. I still have the original one I bought but hopefully with these cool fronts the short one won't be needed but I'm still wearing it to work and church. They also offer free shipping, can't beat that!

    1. Oh and I have been eyeing the above pajamas for the hospital time, they look great on you!!

  2. how does the robe fit post pregnancy?

    1. Fits great! Can be worn pregnant and not pregnant. I got a medium. Fit great in the hospital after I had the baby and my belly went down a little. Would have liked a large during labor though.

  3. Ashley,it's really a good review. I like your maternity jeans . And you looking so pretty and this is the cutest outfit ever.Thanks for sharing such a good post.


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