Baby Registry Must Haves Series {Bath}

Raegan loves bath time. Ever since she was little. Splashes around and doesn't mind having water poured over her head one bit. I'm glad bath time is a non stress time. She looks forward to it every day!
1. Blooming Bath- This insert fits right in the sink and gives a little cushion for baby to sit on. We started using it once Raegan could sit up. The only downside is that it holds onto a lot of water! So make sure you wring it out real well and throw it in the dryer after every use!
2. Summer Infant Bath Sling- We didn't have this for Raegan, but will be great for Hudson. It's small enough to put in the bath tub with Raegan so I can bathe them at one time.
3. Summer Infant Tub- We were very lucky to have one of these tubs sent home with us from the hospital. The sling part is meant for newborns then it can be removed when baby gets bigger. We bathed Raegan in this for the first 4 months of her life. Then she started splashing like crazy and it was time to transition to the sink with the Blooming Bath. We probably won't use this as much with Hudson since I plan to bathe both the babes together and this is a little big for the bathtub. But it is perfect for someone who is just bathing 1 babe.
4. Just Born Washclothes- Love these wash clothes. Small enough to use all over the house too. We use them when she has a cold too. Perfect for wiping noses.
5. Aden and Anais Bath Towel- These towels are warm and absorbent. They are perfect for newborn size babies.
6. Nuby Bath Tub Toys- Raegan loves these guys! She loves sticking them on the wall and chewing on them. Great for teething!

I hope my "Baby Registry Must Haves" series has been helpful! Be on the look out for "Hospital Bag Must Haves" in the next couple weeks!


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