Baby Registry Must Haves Series {Play}

Glad to have you back today for the 4th installment of the "Baby Registry Must Haves" Series. Today we are focusing on play. Now when baby is little, they don't really "play" much, but these items allowed baby to engage either with the item or allowed baby to just chill.
Mamaroo- This little guy is the best! We loved having it to help us get Raegan to sleep when she was little. She would take multiple hour naps in it and it also includes white noise and an iphone dock to play music from your iphone.
Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer- So here is why I love this piece. It's small and travel size. It's a great little bouncer to take places like the grandparents or friends houses when you need something for baby to sleep in or hang out in.
Skip Hop Playmat- Raegan loved laying on her mat and swatting at the animals hanging over her. Love it!
Baby Einstein Activity Jumper- This item was the best when Raegan started sitting up. It gave me a place to allow her to jump her energy out while I made dinner, did my make up, or took a shower. Once she learned how to walk though, the appeal of this piece was gone. Girlfriend wanted to be mobile!
Bumbo- This was a great little piece to have around to help Raegan practice sitting up and we used it as a high chair when we started trying solids.
Chewbeads- When Raegan was teething these necklaces were the best! I could wear them around my neck and she would go to town. Chewing and drooling.
Sophie- Raegan didn't have one of these, but I've heard great things, so I'd love to try it with Hudson.

Join me tomorrow for the "bath" portion of the series!


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