Baby Registry Must Haves Series {Travel}

As I'm now more than half way through this pregnancy it's time to start thinking about everything we need for this sweet baby. Lots of what we got for Raegan we can reuse, but there are a few things I want to add to our home for baby #2.

All of the items I'm listing are items we have in our house and they proved to be must haves. Then a few items I'm wanting to try out for Hudson.

I will say if you're reading this and you are pregnant with your first, you can read all of the "baby registry" posts you can get your hands on, but once baby is here is when you will really realize what works for you.

Yes, having these posts to read were a life saver for me, which is what I hope this post is for you, but just know, you won't get everything you need before baby comes.

I can't tell you how many times Kyle and I went to our local Buy Buy Baby store in search of the next item we needed that we hadn't thought about before she arrived.

I'm hoping this time around I can use what I learned with Raegan and skip the many many trips to the store.

When I started complying everything I loved I realized I needed to break up these posts. I don't want them to be overwhelming at all so I've decided to do a "Baby Registry Must Have Series" and will post all of my must haves for travel, feeding, sleep, play, and bath separately.

Also, keep in mind that every baby is different. What works for 1 baby may not work for another. So don't worry if you have to try a few different types of items before finding the one your baby loves. These are just what have worked for us.

So first up in the series are my must have for travel.
1. Britax Car Seat- When we registered for a car seat with Raegan we didn't really have a preference, but once she was here I was glad we got this one. Some of the infant car seats are too plush and when baby gets bigger, they get really cramped. So this was a nice middle ground between the two.
2. Britax Car Seat Insert- While Raegan was tiny we used this insert to help secure her a little better and keep her head from falling over. Once she didn't need it, we took it out and put the Britax insert that came with the carseat back in.
3. Brica Backseat Mirror- I love being able to look in my rearview mirror and see my baby. This mirror goes on the back of the headrest on the seat that baby's carseat is installed in. Now that Raegan is older she can see my reflection in the mirror too and it helps 
4. City Select Baby Jogger- what I love about this stroller is that it's a single stroller when you need it to me and then when you're ready to turn it into a double stroller, all you need are the attachments and another chair. AND you can also get attachments for it to hold your infant car seat. Or if you want the bassinet attachment you can use that too, when baby is really little. Yes, the price tag is high, BUT you never have to buy another stroller again! It was well worth it in my opinion.
5. Solly Wrap- This wrap is the best when the baby is itty bitty. It does take a little practice to get the hang of tying it, but once you do, baby will be a happy camper. When Raegan was little she was take her naps in it or when she was super cranky and I needed to get stuff done she'd just hang out on my chest, happy as can be!
6. Ergo 360 Baby Carrier- We have the regular Ergo carrier from when I had Raegan, but I love this one, because baby can face forward or towards you. Raegan loves looking out so I wish they had had this one when I had her because she wasn't a fan of the Ergo we have now.
7. Milk Snob Car Seat cover- This thing is so cool! It just stretches right over the carseat and voila! Baby is protected from the wind and maybe any wandering hands that want to touch baby.
8. HoMedics Sound Spa On the Go- This little guy was so nice to have when Raegan was itty bitty and we were in a noisy place. I'd turn on the white noise and she'd be good to go. No outside sound bothered her at all.

I hope this post was helpful as you plan for your little one. Join me tomorrow for the feeding must haves of the series.


  1. Are these items things you guys need for Hudson or are they a guide for new parents? Just wondering because I was thinking, well couldn't you use Raegan's infant car seat for Hudson? :)

    1. It's a guide for new parents :) It's all the stuff of what's worked for us with Raegan and maybe a few items I want to try with Hudson.

  2. I am SO gonna buy that sound machine to-go! So smart. How did I not think of that? Yay for Hudson being here in just a couple months!!!!!!!

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