IVF #2 Update

Yes yes yes. I know! I'm half way through my pregnancy and am just now getting around to sharing our IVF #2 journey. Don't hate me. Being pregnant with a toddler is tough stuff! Especially when you have morning sickness all day, which I'm hoping we are nearing the end of.

So without further ado, here is our IVF #2 journey.

Keeping this IVF cycle undercover was hard! I'm a sharer. Always have been! But we kept this from everyone. I mean EVERYONE! Even our parents, which made the announcement even more sweet!

After our meeting in February with Dr. Ku he had told me I needed to stop pumping and be done for 3 months before we could do a transfer. My last day to pump was February 26 so we were good to go after May 26.

While we waited we got all of our t's crossed and i's dotted to be ready to go as soon as we were ready.

On March 30 I had an HSC and pelvic sonogram. They check my uterine lining to make sure that it is clean and ready for a transfer. Everything was perfect!

Then on April 6 I had a mock transfer. I absolutely hate these. Having to drink all that water then not being able to pee is just terribly uncomfortable on top of the fact that they were running 45 minutes behind!

A couple days later Kyle and I met with Dr. Ku to discuss FET. We have 11 embryos left. 4 are AA and 7 are BB. We decided to transfer 1 AA embryo since we transferred 1 with Raegan and that embryo took.
I also had blood drawn to check my thyroid. They wanted to be safe and check and make sure my levels were ok since I was known to have random spouts of hypothyroidism.

So I waited and waited, but still heard nothing from the RE's office. So a couple days later I called the RE's office to get thyroid results and they had lost my vial of blood. I had blood taken again and waited the weekend to get the results.

My nurse called on Monday and my levels were 6.38. What?! A normal healthy person should be no higher than 4.5. Someone who is trying to get pregnant should have a level of 2.5. Dr. Ku put me back on 50 mcg of Synthroid. Back in 2013, Dr. Ku did a thyroid test back in 2013 and my levels were 3.8. I was on it all the way through my pregnancy and my OB took me off of it after having Raegan. She sent me for a thyroid test and called and told me the level was 1.63. No need to be on it anymore. So I was shocked with how high it was. It took 3 changes in doses to finally get it under control.

They did say I will be on this medicine for the rest of my life and I am officially diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Then began the wait to start my next cycle so I could start my estrogen and progesterone for the FET.

Finally got to order my meds on May 6. Things were getting close!

On May 18 I finally started my cycle (33 day cycle). I started estrogen and then began Progesterone on June 4 after having my lining checked and my bloodwork done.

It was finally the day! Of course I had to down 32 oz. Ugh! My stomach got upset when we got there. I must have been really nervous. I went into the restroom and everyone freaked out that I emptied my bladder and met me at the door with bottles of water. I assured them I hadn't empied my bladder. Just thought I was going to be sick. They showed us our beautiful AA embryo that was already hatching once it had been thawed. Baby was ready to be back inside mommy. We put baby back where he/she belonged and began the 2 days of bed rest. Kyle was a champ. He helped with Raegan and did all the house work. Such a great husband!

Then began the 9 day wait.

The first couple of days there was lots of cramping, which a good sign to me! I had cramping with Raegan.

3 days before the beta I decided to take a test before Kyle went to work. I ran downstairs and showed him the test. It was positive!
On Friday, June 19, I went in for my beta and it came back at 251. Wonderful!

On Sunday, which was Father's Day, we had over all of our family and shared the great news with them. Raegan wore her "B" is for Big Sister shirt.
 On June 22 my beta was 827. With Raegan at this point I was only at 119. They thought maybe the embryo split! Oy vey! Twins?

6 weeks hit and boy was I sick. Sick sick sick!!

July 13 was our first sono at 7 weeks 3 days. There was one sweet baby in there. Don't get me wrong, we would have been thrilled if I was pregnant with identical twins, but it would have been accompanied with shocked as well. They took my blood again and my TSH test came down to 1.67. Which was perfect! Baby measuring a few days ahead and his/her HR was 178.

July 21 we had our first OB sono at 8 weeks 4 days. Again baby was measuring a few days ahead and had a HR of 178.

And from there you have been in on all the happenings of this sweet baby growing inside of me. We found he was a boy at 13 weeks and we were shocked! Still can't believe we are having a son!

I am 19 weeks today and need to get my 19 week update started. Hope to have that posted by tomorrow. 18 weeks got skipped over. Oops! :)


  1. What a wonderful story! It is very exciting that y'all are going to have a son now. It is really wonderful that y'all have been so blessed!

  2. I am so very excited for you!! At 34 weeks I can't even think about another one right now. The hubby mentioned it and I'm like talk to me when this baby is like 3 months old and then we'll see! haha

  3. Soo awesome!!! Glad it worked soo quickly and right off the hop!!

  4. I cant believe u were able to keep it a secret. I would have been anxious to spill the beans. Lol

  5. a huge congrats gal! i've been reading all your updates...i just never have time to comment!

  6. Congrats! After having a girl first I was shocked when our second was a boy. We didn't find out he was a boy til he was born. I still can't believe it sometimes and he is 16 months old! I thought I was destined to be a girl mom and I can tell you there's nothing like the sweet love a boy has for his mama.

  7. I don't know how you kept this a secret from everyone!! Especially with a toddler running around!

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