Hudson's Nursery

When I began envisioning Hudson's nursery I had so many ideas. I knew I wanted to do a vintage baseball theme because Kyle is a huge Cubs fan. His mom saved lots of his baseball items from when he was young as well that I was able to use in the decor of the room.

I love the simplicity of his room and could seriously sit in the middle of the room all day long. I love how sentimental his room is and how much it means to Kyle to have decorated it with all of his childhood memorabilia.

Kyle also built the shelf over his dresser and I love that daddy put his touch on the nursery too.

We decided not to paint his room because we are planning on moving within 4-6 months of Hudson being born, so we stuck with the simple color and plan to paint his room once we move.

So without further ado, welcome to Hudson's nursery.

sheets// Buy Buy Baby
wooden panels above crib// Target
dresser// IKEA
toy chest// Kyle's childhood toy chest
window treatment// Amazon
window hardware// Target
hanging baskets// Hobby Lobby
Cubs foam finger// vintage
Cubs street sign// eBay
baseballs in hanging baskets// Kyle's childhood balls
red converse// eBay
Cubs book// Amazon
Hudson name blocks// etsy
Cubs jersey// eBay
glove and hat// vintage
rocking chair// vintage
side table// Target
lamp shade// Pottery Barn Kids
lamp base// Pottery Barn Kids
chalkboard// Hobby Lobby
baseball player prints// vintage
shelf above dresser// made by Kyle
changing pad cover// etsy
Chicago Cubs pins// etsy
metal "H"// Hobby Lobby
Hudson "name" print// made by me
you are the cub to my Chicago print// made by me


  1. Good job, girl! ☺️ love that crib! It looks a lot like Cs!

  2. Obsessed with that crib! His nursery is adorable, you did such a great job! My baseball playing husband would die over it ;)

  3. Love it all! What a beautiful space! It will be even more special when you're sitting there rocking that sweet boy!

  4. Love it and all the details!!! It's perfect!!!

  5. Love the simplicity of it but everything goes well together. Plus it has a sentimental touch to it. My husband also made shelving for our little ones nursery that makes it even better.

  6. It's absolutely perfect!!! Love the letter with lights, we have the same one for our little guy :)

  7. It is PERFECT! I LOVE it! I can't wait to see your little man!!!

  8. So so perfect. I cannot wait to see all the cute pictures of baby boy in his nursery!!!

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