The Final Stretch

Well we are 3 days out.

3 days out from my due date.

Bags are packed. Arrangements for Raegan have been made. And now we wait.

As of my last appointment I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced.

It's progress! 100% more progress than with Raegan.

Since I am attempting a VBAC, I have until 41 weeks to get this little guy out, then we will induce.

We are trying everything, but with my high fluid, he's just not staying down and engaged like he should. He has also flipped sunny side up (face out). A vaginal birth can still happen with a sunny side up baby, but we'd rather him be flipped around for an easier delivery.

I am nervous.

I am nervous we will end up inducing and I'll have another rough labor like I did with Raegan.

I am nervous I won't progress.

I am nervous I will have another c-section.

The only comfort I can get right now is that I have tried everything. My midwife is doing everything she can to get him where he needs to be and start labor on my own.

And if I do end in a c-section, I know that I've done everything I could.

So come on baby Hudson. We are all ready to meet you!

Grammy Do's and Don'ts {preggo style}

The Grammy's are quickly approaching and I can't wait to see all of the amazing outfits, both good and bad.

Every year there are normally a few pregnant attendees and sometimes they look totally amazing and other times, well, you've seen them before.

Diasters. Pure diasters.

So I thought I would put together a list of DO'S and DON'TS for the pregnant gals of any grand, formal event.
DON'T wear a crop top. We aren't all obsessed with your belly as you are.

DON'T wear a light colored dress because we all know you'll be sweating your butt off and no one wants to see butt sweat lines.

DON'T wear high heels. You know by the end of the night your feet will look like Shrek and no one wants to see you fall on your face.

DON'T forget your bra pads because, well, we all know things start leaking well before the baby arrives.

DON'T wear animal print. Keep it simple!

DO wear waterproof mascara because we know that all things make you emotional these days.

DO plan to have your limo pick you up right as the Grammy's are over. There's no way you'll have enough energy to make it to the after parties.

DO make sure you know the quickest route to the bathroom from your seat.

DO pose sideways! Everyone loves to see that adorable bump. 

DO use the bathroom at least 5 times before zipping up your dress because Lord knows getting out of it may put you into labor.

DO remember to have fun! Yeah, you're preggo, but you still know how to have a good time! This is your night. Except for when your belly steals the spotlight. So it's like half your night.

Nurses Gift

As we get ready to head to the hospital I wanted to bring a little gift along for the nurses who will be taking care of us while we are there. They work hard and long hours and I want them to realize how grateful we are for everything they do for us.

A friend of mine, Heidi, from Mac and Tater, made an adorable sign and it was absolutely perfect! I was just so excited that I wasn't going to have to make anything. 

Mark this off my check list. Check!

She made a girl version and a gender neutral version too for those who are waiting to find out baby's gender. So don't worry if you're not having a boy like us. 
If you'd like to snag it for yourself, click here! Enjoy!

Hospital Bag Series {baby}

I can't believe I am less than 4 weeks away from my due date. Time has flown by and I'm so excited to meet this little guy!

His hospital bag is packed and put in his crib. Why his crib you ask? I have put everything that needs to go in the car in his crib. That way there is no question what needs to go with us in case Kyle has to pack up the car quickly.

Genius I tell you.

As far as baby's bag goes, there's really not that much you need. The hospital will have swaddle blankets, hats, and diapers. So pretty much whatever you bring is because you want to or want for photo opps.

Here is what's going to the hospital with us.
Boppy (for breastfeeding)
Baby book (for hand/feet prints)
Going Home Outfit (onesie, hat, shoes)
Oat Mama Bars (great for helping your milk come in)

I hope this list helps you as you prepare to welcome your bundle of joy into the world! Is there anything I missed or something you took that was a must have?
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