Nurses Gift

As we get ready to head to the hospital I wanted to bring a little gift along for the nurses who will be taking care of us while we are there. They work hard and long hours and I want them to realize how grateful we are for everything they do for us.

A friend of mine, Heidi, from Mac and Tater, made an adorable sign and it was absolutely perfect! I was just so excited that I wasn't going to have to make anything. 

Mark this off my check list. Check!

She made a girl version and a gender neutral version too for those who are waiting to find out baby's gender. So don't worry if you're not having a boy like us. 
If you'd like to snag it for yourself, click here! Enjoy!


  1. What a great idea!!! My nurse was AMAZING!!! Couldn't have been happier with her being my nurse, I still need to do something for her even though it's been 2 months..ugh! I feel terrible about this.

  2. so cute!! we brought a bin of peanut butter crackers and peanut m & m's for our nurses {our son was born on 1.15.16} and they LOVED it!! yours is super adorable- so excited for you

  3. So so cute! The nurses will be very happy :)

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