The Final Stretch

Well we are 3 days out.

3 days out from my due date.

Bags are packed. Arrangements for Raegan have been made. And now we wait.

As of my last appointment I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced.

It's progress! 100% more progress than with Raegan.

Since I am attempting a VBAC, I have until 41 weeks to get this little guy out, then we will induce.

We are trying everything, but with my high fluid, he's just not staying down and engaged like he should. He has also flipped sunny side up (face out). A vaginal birth can still happen with a sunny side up baby, but we'd rather him be flipped around for an easier delivery.

I am nervous.

I am nervous we will end up inducing and I'll have another rough labor like I did with Raegan.

I am nervous I won't progress.

I am nervous I will have another c-section.

The only comfort I can get right now is that I have tried everything. My midwife is doing everything she can to get him where he needs to be and start labor on my own.

And if I do end in a c-section, I know that I've done everything I could.

So come on baby Hudson. We are all ready to meet you!


  1. Thinking of you and praying for an easy/safe delivery for you and Hudson. It sounds like you're in good hands and you'll be meeting your little man in no time :)

  2. Praying for you friend! Praying for a healthy little baby and an easy delivery for you! Xo

  3. Thinking of your family and praying that you have a safe delivery that brings sweet Hudson into your arms. You are such a strong Mama Bear! C'mon Hudson, the world is waiting! Xo

  4. Come on, Hudson! We're all ready to meet you! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you prepare for a VBAC! God is in control!

  5. Wow I can't believe it's already time!!! I hope everything goes much easier for you this time girl! Can't wait to see this little fella!!

  6. Praying that you have an easy and safe delivery. Here's hoping Hudson comes on his own.

    My cousin told me she ate pineapple, took raspberry leaf tea, and did the baby mama dance. By morning she was in full on labor. Lol! Dance it off Ashley!

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