Carseat Swaddle {giveaway}

Raegan and Hudson are 20 months apart and it's amazing to me how many new products I've found for Hudson that weren't around with Raegan. And boy am I glad they are!

Meet the car seat swaddle from Hooray Littles.

This swaddle is absolutely amazing! You can keep baby swaddled and buckled into their carseat all at the same time!

And on top of an amazing product, the owner/inventor of the swaddle, Sandra, is just the sweetest! She came up with the idea when her first hated being in the carseat because he wanted to be tightly swaddled. So this mama made her son a special swaddle which kept him cuddled and cozy while simultaneously safely strapped in. Everywhere this mama and her baby went, people asked where this amazing swaddle could be found. So she finally got in gear and got her idea manufactured and out on the market.

And boy am I glad she did!

Want to win one for yourself? Head over to my Instagram page to get entered! Believe me, this is a MUST have for any mama. New or veteran!

I'd love to hear what color you'd pick if you won! She offers so many colors and you better believe if we ever have another girl, the fuschia swaddle will be in my shopping cart faster than a blink of an eye!


  1. What a cutie!! He's the perfect little model for this swaddle. I entered and would love to win one for my little guy :) I'd pick the gray or the jade ones.

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