The Gift of Sleep

As a first time parent I worried a lot. No one prepared me for this new adventure we were embarking on, which I learned rather quickly that you cannot prepare anyone for parenthood. You learn as you go.

Now there are many things you can worry about. Believe me, this list is long my friends. At least for me it was.

Having a baby with special needs changes everything. Raegan's cleft palate, Pierre Robin Sequence, and sleep apnea diagnosis rocked our world. We had so many things to worry about when it came to her.

But the thing I worried about the most was sleep. Why? Because I was also asleep when Raegan was so I couldn't watch her breathe and make sure she was ok. I know I'm not the only hovering parent out there. Can I get an amen?! I would hear her grunt or cough and immediately check to make sure she was ok.

We tried different products to help us monitor her while she slept at night. They worked fine and did their job, but I still worried.

When I became pregnant again with Hudson I knew I needed to find something that would ease my mind when he slept. Then I found the best baby item every parent should own that has completely taken my worries away when Hudson is sleeping.

Insert {the owlet}.
Not only is it designed to alert you if baby stops breathing, but you can easily see what baby's heart rate and oxygen levels are right on your phone!

And putting it on baby is so easy! You just slip the sock right on their foot. It comes in 3 sizes so it can grow with your baby.

Granted our little guy is a wiggler so I have to try a few times to get it right, but once I do, it's on their snug and secure and reads his stats all night long with no problem.
And if I forget to turn it on before leaving his bedroom it's no problem because I can turn it on from my phone! It's absolutely the best!

I wished that it had been around when I had Raegan, but I'm so thankful that I have it now for Hudson. Knowing I will be alerted if Hudson's levels are off helps me sleep soundly at night and gives me peace of mind.

So when I can't be there to watch my baby, I no longer have to worry, because the Owlet is there keeping watch over my little guy all night long.

Been wanting to purchase one? They are on sale for $20 off this week! Click here to purchase!

Owlet is intended to provide peace of mind. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.


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