Jamberry {giveaway}

I'm sure you've heard of Jamberry. Who hasn't?
It's a pretty neat concept. Fun nail decals with lots of different designs you can pick from! Gone are the days where you can only have solid color nails. And there's no dry time!
It is so simple to apply too! Cut to fit your nail, place on your nail, file to fit perfectly, hold in front of a hair dryer for 10 seconds to set it, and voila! Beautiful nails that will last weeks!

Want to win 2 sets for yourself?

Enter below and check out my friend, Nicole's, website for more amazing designs!
And can I just say, I have the prettiest sister around! She was a good sport for being my model.


  1. I'm loving Free Spirit and Giza most! :)

  2. I haven't heard of these before but would love to try them!!

  3. Tungsten Sparkle and Dove Gary fit my style.

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