Christmas in July

Do you love planning parties? I love planning parties. 

Granted most of my fun ideas are just that. Ideas. I don't get to throw the parties. So I just have lots of Pinterest boards with all my fun ideas!

I have been planning Raegan's 2nd birthday party pretty much since the day she turned 1.

I went with the Donuts and PJs theme. I can't wait to show you pictures.

After designing the invites and sending it out, I actually came up with another theme.

Christmas in July.

How appropriate is that?!

Her birthday's in July and Christmas is so much fun to plan for.

So, in true form, I'm already planning her 3rd birthday. Parties are just too much fun!

I love this idea for the invite. The flamingo is so cute! AND it can be sent through email through Paperless Post. No printing, addressing, and mailing. Just click and send!

I love to decorate for parties, but I like to keep it simple, because honestly, I don't have a lot of time. I have two kids under 2. This mama has to keep things simple to get through the day!

And paper lanterns are always nice and easy!

Then comes the food! (my favorite part)

We of course would have a frozen hot chocolate bar.
(this link has a TON of ideas!)

And this adorable snowman fruit basket is so stinking cute!

Love me some yummy pigs in a blanket.

I'm a sucker for rice krispie treats!

And for games there are so many choices!
Snowball fight with white water balloons!

photo booth props

Christmas present ball toss

Oh all these fun ideas and 1 year to plan them for Rae's birthday next year. I can't wait!

If your kiddo has a birthday coming up, what theme are you thinking?

Making Beds Made Easy

I'm terrible at making my bed.

There. I've said it.

Kyle hates it that I don't make the bed every morning. In my head, why should I make it, I'm just going to get back in it tonight. Haha.

He doesn't feel the same.

We've been married for 7 years and I haven't gotten any better. That was until I heard about Beddy's.
Not only is the style adorable, but it makes making your bed easy!

You just zip up your bed on both sides and voila! The bed is made!
The zipper goes down the side and all the way to the bottom. So you can easily unzip it off to wash.

Then on the inside the fitted sheet is attached and the top is lined in this wonderfully soft minky fabric. So no need for sheets anymore.
It has this nice little wing that comes out on the side so you have extra comfort at night and when it's time to make the bed, tuck it in, and zip it up.

The whole Beddy's has elastic on the ends and fits around your mattress perfectly! When it's time to wash, pull it all off, wash, and put it back on. No more trying to fold up those fitted sheets. I still can't do it right and I'm 30 years old.

I can't wait for Raegan to be in a regular bed because we will be getting one for her bed too. It'll make it so easy for her to help me make her bed. Well maybe I can wait. The crib is an amazing thing that I'm not sure I want to wish away yet.

Check out Beddy's and let me know your favorite style in the comments below!

Looks like Hudson likes our new bedding too. Can't blame him!
Beddy's provided for this blog post, but all opinions are my own.

Hudson Kyle {3 and 4 months}

Wow. Months 3 and 4 have flown by! So fast that I forgot to post his monthly updates. Oops! Better late than never!

Can't believe how big our sweet boy is getting.

I looked back at his 2 month post and it looks like I wrote the same thing. Time is flying and he's getting so big. And he is!

3 months- In the past week he's decided that sleep at night is overrated and he'd rather be eating every hour. Phew! I'm hoping it's just a phase. Unfortunately the 4 month sleep regression is right around the corner. I'm hoping it's not too hard on us!

4 months- oh goodness sleep has been TOUGH! We had to start sleep training because he was waking up every 1-2 hours and taking forever to go down for naps. I am happy to report that he is putting himself to sleep for naps and bed! Middle of the night wake ups have still been hard, but this past week he's gone down to 3 wake ups, which has been a breath of fresh air since it's normally been 5-6 times.

3 months- He is still eating all day long! Like every 2 hours. He has started the "snacking" schedule and it's tough! He wants to eat a little bit and does it every couple hours. He still isn't taking a bottle and I'm getting nervous about our trip to Jamaica because we are going. We need this vacation.

4 months- HE IS TAKING A BOTTLE! HALLELUJAH! This is such a good thing! Granted he still only wants to take a full bottle from me, but at least he's taking a bottle. We tried at least 10 bottles and we came back full circle to the Dr. Brown bottles which we started with.

3 and 4 months- He is such a happy baby. He smiles and giggles when you blow on his tummy and he's perfectly content with sitting on his boppy pillow and watching his sister play. He's holding up his head more and is starting to sit in his bouncer for small amounts of time. He is rolling over now too!

4 months- Hudson took his first trip to our family reunion. The results are in. He still hates the car. He also had his 1st hospital stay besides being born. It was just a day surgery and after Raegan's surgery we were prepared for it. It didn't seem as stressful as hers was. Even though handing him over was still incredibly hard.

Ready for the photo dump? Ok here we go!
3 months

4 months


Toddler Adventures

I don't know about you, but my toddler is full of energy.
Like can stay up till midnight and not yawn once.
It's a good thing she's so cute even when she's partying till the wee hours of the morning.

She is becoming more and more curious as she gets older. She sees little details that the normal person would miss. She picks up the tiniest speck of dirt and asks "what's this?"
"What's this?" I hear this sentence at least 100 times a day. But you know what? I wouldn't change it. Because those 2 words are what make my little gal who she is. She is inquisitive and can talk your ear off in babble talk for hours.
Her want to know each and every thing she sees can be exhausting times, but then I remember that I am her key to the wealth of knowledge she yearns to know more about.

So yes, Raegan Phair. We can put your moccasins on and go for our third walk today. 
Yes, sweet girl, you can bring every item in your toy box and ask me what it's called. 

Yes, my princess, I will read your favorite book to you 5 times before bed.

Yes, pretty girl, you can go get your hands and play in the mud.
Don't ever stop my little one. Never stop asking. Never stop wondering.
Moccasins provided by Freshly Picked for this photo shoot and blog post.
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