Making Beds Made Easy

I'm terrible at making my bed.

There. I've said it.

Kyle hates it that I don't make the bed every morning. In my head, why should I make it, I'm just going to get back in it tonight. Haha.

He doesn't feel the same.

We've been married for 7 years and I haven't gotten any better. That was until I heard about Beddy's.
Not only is the style adorable, but it makes making your bed easy!

You just zip up your bed on both sides and voila! The bed is made!
The zipper goes down the side and all the way to the bottom. So you can easily unzip it off to wash.

Then on the inside the fitted sheet is attached and the top is lined in this wonderfully soft minky fabric. So no need for sheets anymore.
It has this nice little wing that comes out on the side so you have extra comfort at night and when it's time to make the bed, tuck it in, and zip it up.

The whole Beddy's has elastic on the ends and fits around your mattress perfectly! When it's time to wash, pull it all off, wash, and put it back on. No more trying to fold up those fitted sheets. I still can't do it right and I'm 30 years old.

I can't wait for Raegan to be in a regular bed because we will be getting one for her bed too. It'll make it so easy for her to help me make her bed. Well maybe I can wait. The crib is an amazing thing that I'm not sure I want to wish away yet.

Check out Beddy's and let me know your favorite style in the comments below!

Looks like Hudson likes our new bedding too. Can't blame him!
Beddy's provided for this blog post, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Love these, I saw them on a vloggers video and fell in love, I'm just too frugal!! Lol!! They are beautiful!! Lucky you got to review them!!!

  2. Oooo these look amazing!! I hate making the bed too!!

  3. This is too funny because I saw a commercial for these for kids beds and I was thinking it would be great if they made them for adult beds and here it is!! My hubby is the same, he would prefer if the bed was made but I'm like you we are just gonna get back in it! Haha

  4. This is certainly very crazy for the reason that I actually spotted your private to get all these to get young people bed frames plus I actually appeared to be believing it would superb once they designed these folks to get grown-up bed frames plus listed here it's.


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