House Reno

A lot has been happening in the Sanderson family. In the last month we have sold our house, moved out, moved in with my parents, went to Jamaica, bought house, and we are starting renovations on our new house tomorrow.


We are getting settled in with my parents and once demo starts tomorrow hopefully everything will continue to move along and we will be in by Christmas.

Fingers crossed.

The house we chose was built in the 70's. A sweet older couple were the original owners and her husband passed away. She moved into assisted living and her daughter's sold the house.

Everything in the house is from when it was built. It's never been updated. 

Until now.
We have met with a general contractor and it's going to be the most amazing house. It's like we are starting over with just the bones of the home. Here's the 3D model of all the changes. They are just of the downstairs because the upstairs is just going to need some paint and redo the bathrooms. Nothing structural.

We are knocking down the interior wall of the kitchen that includes a wet bar and a powder bath to open up the downstairs. The powder bath is being moved to the formal dining room which we are making a play room. You can see the powder bath and play room in the picture below right to the right when you come in the front door.

This is the most amazing house for us.

It has 5 bedrooms on a third of an acre. Such a beautiful backyard.

We are also redoing our master bath because right now there is a vanity in my bedroom. Yep. A sink. In my bedroom. That needs to go away. Like yesterday.
We are closing in that opening to be the bathroom doors and then inside in the bathroom is going to be so amazing!

 There will be a tub under the sink. Just haven't picked it out yet. And there will be a cabinet between the sinks and individual mirrors. I got that inspiration from here, but I plan to move the cabinet on the left in between the sinks.

To give you a little perspective, our vanity is 9 feet long. Every girls dream!

And my favorite part of our bathroom is the fact that my closet has a door attached to my laundry room. Ahh! So amazing!
They are also giving me a laundry shoot from upstairs down into the laundry room.

I can't wait to give updates throughout the process and then an unveiling of our new home.

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River Family Vacay

My mom's side of the family goes to the river every year to float. It is such a fun weekend of getting unplugged, floating the river, and hanging with the family.

My mom is 1 of 4 daughters. There are 10 grandkids and between all of us, we have 6 kids. So lots of babies, but oh so fun!

We are on the move constantly and of course I'm carrying Hudson around everywhere. And if you've ever seen him, you know he's a hefty guy! I'm all for baby wearing. Strap him to me and let's go.

I was so glad to find the Beachfront Baby Wrap for the summer time. It's hot in Texas and goodness gracious I swear Hudson is a human space heater. The wrap fabric is breathable AND my favorite part is that I can get in the water in it.
He's such an easy, laid back baby and if he's being held, he's golden. It was easy for me to be able to be in the water with him and Raegan at the same time.

If you are in the market for a waterproof wrap, you have to check them out. Easy to put on and a must have for summer time.

The weekend was a blast and the drive wasn't too bad. We had a family reunion in early June that we took the kids to. It was about 3 hours away and it took us about 5 hours to get there. If Hudson wasn't sleeping, he was screaming. It was terrible. He was off the whole weekend too. So we weren't sure if we would even make the river trip because it's a 6-7 hour drive. But he did ok! He slept a lot and when he woke up we would stop and take a break. So it ended up taking us about 8 hours, but it was worth it. On our way down we actually stopped in San Antonio and stayed on the river walk for the night. That was such a good idea. Broke up the trip and we got to stay downtown.

Even if there's driving involved, it's so important to make it happen to spend time with family.

It's always worth it.


Guest With the Best

During the summer there are lots of parties to go to. Baby showers, wedding showers, housewarming parties and more!

As a guest attending a party I always like to bring a gift and I don't want to stress over finding something that I'll love. Of course a gift is given at wedding and baby showers, but even parties that are thrown that don't require a gift, are nice to give!

You want to be a good guest! The hostess has put so much time into that party and its nice to show your appreciation!

So here's my idea for an easy housewarming gift. Head to your local store and pick up some items that someone may use in their new kitchen. Put them in a oven mitt, lay it on a serving dish, and voila! Easy and adorable housewarming gift!

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