Hudson Update (5 and 6 months)

 I hate that this poor little blog has been neglected so much lately, but 2 kids has been keeping me busy! Especially when one of them likes to wake up before 6am. Yawn!

So last update on Hudson was at 4 months. He's actually 7 months now, but haven't taken our 7 month picture yet. Story of my life. 

So much has changed with our little guy!

weight: 18 pounds
height: 27.5 inches
head: 90% percentile

He's sitting up, has 2 teeth, is eating solids and so much more!

Let's just say Hudson and I party all night long. Since we are living with my parents it's hard to let him cry when he wakes so I go to him most of the time. Well that has created some terrible habits. So it is time to get this guy sleeping longer stretches (more than 2 hours) and it's happening this weekend. Mama needs sleep!

Hudson still loves to nurse, but is starting to eat solids too! He's been eating some purees and solids too. His favorites are bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes and squash. The only downside of starting solids is he's getting constipated more. So prunes have been added to his diet. He will eat them straight which is great! It's so nice having a baby who eats. With Rae she didn't start solids until 10 months and even then she was eating purees. 

He is sitting up now which opens up so much more play time. He is on the verge of crawling (please wait a little longer) so he moves all over his play mat. He has his favorite toys and doesn't like it when sister takes them from him.

He has figured out that mama can walk away and leave the room and he doesn't like it. He also has started reaching for me when someone is holding him. Ok baby boy you're melting my heart! He will also grab my face and give me the best open mouth kisses. Just the best.

The relationship between mothers and sons and mothers and daughters is so different and so special.

Rae is my independent helper who loves doing these on her own.

While Hudson wants to just be a mama's boy all day long and is perfectly content loving on me all day and all night.

And now it's time for the monthly photo dump. I just can't get enough of my kiddos which is apparent by the amount of pictures on my phone. 

Months 1-6

I'll be posting a house reno update soon! So much has happened and I'm starting to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping to be in by Christmas.


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