Baby Sickness

About a month ago Hudson got his first real sickness. Not like a cold, but the first real "oh my gosh, do I need to take him to the ER?" sickness.

About 10:30pm he woke up screaming. It jolted me out of sleep. I ran in and he had thrown up. Everywhere. He's spit up before, but not like this. I had to change him, the sheets, his sleep sack. It was just a mess.

While I was changing him he started throwing up again. He did this 5 times in about 30 minutes. I started getting really worried.

I held him and rocked him. He would fall asleep, but then get woken up when he'd throw up. It was the saddest thing ever.

I ended up calling our nurses after hours line and they told me as long as he didn't have a high fever, he was taking fluids, and didn't throw up 10 times in an hour, I just had to let it run it's course.

So that's what we did. He finally started nursing again around midnight and fell asleep soon after. I was too nervous to leave him in his room so I grabbed his dockatot that he loves sitting in and playing during the day and brought him into bed with us. Kyle doesn't like to cosleep so having the dockatot is perfect for nights when the baby gets sick. He can have his own space and we have ours. It's 100% cotton and breathable. I can't tell you how many times I've found him cuddled up next to the bumper. He was within arms length for me to comfort if he needed it. I could check on him without having to get up and pull him over to me when he needed to nurse and right back to the dockatot when he was done. We own both sizes deluxe (newborn-8 months) and grande (9-36 months). They are made in Europe and I for one am glad that they came to the U.S. because this mama loves them.

By morning he was back to his normal self and ready to play.
I am thankful that baby's recover so quickly, but goodness, I'm hoping it doesn't happen again anytime soon.


  1. Poor little thing :( It's the worst when they throw up because there is nothing you can do. So glad to hear he is feeling better.

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