Couchgating Done Right

Football season is my favorite. The weather is getting cooler and there's just something about getting together with your friends who are just as obsessed with our team as we are.

Kyle and I went to Texas A&M and we love our Aggies. The kind of love that if we are down in the 4th quarter with 2 minutes to go you better not be talking to me love.

This was 10 years ago during our sophomore year of college. Wow has time has flown!
And if our Aggies lose you pretty much can't talk to Kyle for a few hours. I learned that while we were in college. We would walk back to our apartment in silence if we lost. I knew better than to say anything!

Unfortunately now that we've had kids we haven't been able to make it back for a game. I'm hoping Rae will enjoy a game in a few years, but right now, no thank you. So all the games are watched from the comfort of our couch.

Game day has to be perfect. The perfect food, the perfect drinks, the perfect environment to bring home a win. I actually had Kyle sit down with me and help me put together my list of everything we would need to watch our Aggies. He is very particular with his game day needs.

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