Toddler Adventures Part Deux

These little feet go so many places during the day and lately the only shoes she wants to wear are her "pink sooos".

 I'm just amazed at her. Recently I downloaded some fun educational games on the ipad and she is all about them right now. She knows exactly where they are on the screen and knows what folder to find them in. She shocks me with how much she knows! I just love watching her mind grow.

 Not only is her mind growing, but so are those little feet. Are those foot prints not to die for? My favorite part about her moccs are the bottoms. Those sweet footprints that make me want to scoop her up and tell her to stop growing this instant. But with growing comes so many more fun things to learn and see.

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And let's make this even BETTER!

Want to win a pair for yourself?

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Raegan is wearing her favorite color, Tickle Me Pink


  1. pick me, pick me!! I think I would get leopard print for baby girl :)

  2. I would love to win the rose gold or leopard!! But lets be honest, they're all adorable!!

    Xo, Kayla Otineru

  3. Choose me! Sadie loves her moccasins :)

  4. I would choose one of the new mettalics.

  5. So hard to decide! I would probably go with pink!

  6. They are so cute!! My daughter loves pink as well.

  7. I would pick salt flats.

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