Post Partum Style Part 2

When finding maternity clothes to wear for the months you are pregnant, it's always nice to find some that will work once baby is here too. I really utilize flow tops for after baby is here because 1. my body is just not ready to have anything tight around it and 2. it helps with nursing and having some extra fabric to cover up with. My kiddos don't like nursing with covers so having extra fabric to drape around me is helpful!

Pinkblush always fits the bill for comfortable and stylish clothes. Check out the items I just picked up and can't wait to use once Landon is here too!

 This dress isn't so much "nursing friendly" but it's definitely post partum body friendly. I love how flowy it is and definitely hides all the parts that need to go back to normal after having a baby.

And the best part? They are having a sale today on on their tops. Use code TOPTWENTYFIVE for 25% off all tops!

Post Partum Style

For me once the baby comes I'm all about comfortable clothes. Trying to dress a post partum body is tough. I will pretty much be in maternity clothes for 6-8 weeks after the baby comes and I have no shame in it. Your body just grew a baby for 9 months and it takes some time to get back to what you were before. And even then, I don't know if I'll ever be back to what I was "before". Oh well. I have 3 beautiful children to show for it.

Anyways, once baby is here I need clothes and under garments that will help keep me looking put together and not the hot mess that I really am. Know what I'm saying? #3under3 #Godhelpme

I pretty much don't leave the house for the first month or so so I'm not looking for adorable, trendy clothes. Just something I can wear around the house that is presentable and can be worn in front of visitors. Just in case someone unexpectedly stops by.

So here is my round up of the brands I love the most! Also, these outfits will be coming to the hospital with me and one of them I'll be wearing home from the hospital too.

First up Cake Maternity. Can I just say how adorable is this packaging?! Makes any mama feel glamorous when she opens it.
 As soon as the baby is here nursing bras are worn on the regular. And guess what?! Nursing bras don't have to be ugly! You heard me right.
 Just look at that beautiful detail! No way you can feel frumpy in this. I know for me once my milk comes in, holy hannah, my boobs pretty much double in size. This Mousse Contour Wireless bra gives support (no underwire) and keeps them under control. I hate feeling like I'm sagging or sloppy when I'm nursing.
Next up is this adorable pajama set. That I'm already wearing. Hey, why not take advantage of it now and after baby comes? This pajama set is perfect for the hospital and when I have visitors I can just slap on a Pinkblush robe (see mine from Hudson's birth) and voila, covered, and ready for visitors to fawn over my sweet new babe. The top even has the nursing friends snaps to make nursing easy. I'm not too sure if I'd wear this around the house with visitors without a robe on just because there isn't a lot of support in the bra, but I'm definitely covered when I wear it.

Another new found love of mine is Kindred Bravely

With this being my third pregnancy and third time to pump/breastfeed I thought I had seen it all and found the best there was. That was until I put this nursing bra on. Oh my goodness, it is so comfortable and can be worn during pregnancy and after. I'm planning on getting more in different colors. 
The sleeper bra is so soft and these post partum panties are to die for! 

They sit above your c-section incision and are breathable. Yes please!

Now that the undergarments are taken care of, that brings me to my next favorite maternity and post maternity clothing line. Pinkblush Maternity.
 This outfit is totally visitor ready and paired with my Bravado Designs nursing tank, you can't go wrong. And the length on the sweater is perfect for nursing. It's very thin and I don't get hot in it so it can be worn during summer time. With the ease of the snaps on the nursing tank and the extra coverage of the sweater, I'm all set to nurse on the go. Because we all know, that's all newborns do for the first few weeks anyways.

 The pants are amazing as well because they are thin and have and adjustable waist. You can keep it lose right after having the baby and tighten it as needed as your belly goes down.
 Welcome to my FAVORITE new dress. This is for sure coming to the hospital with me and I'll probably wear it home. I know for me I'm not a huge fan of clingy material after birth. Especially a c-section birth so this dress is perfect. Oh and it has pockets. Yep. You heard me right. This can be worn in the house, out of the house, pretty much anywhere! I want it in every color. Unfortunately it's not very nursing friendly, but still a great piece.
I can't believe sweet Landon will be here in 5 weeks or less. Please be less. Oh please be less. This heat is just killing me!

This post was in collaboration with Kindred BravelyPinkblush and Cake Maternity, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Pregnancy Normalcy

I know I know. I'm sure you laughed as you read the blog post title. 

Being pregnant is tough. For me I feel like I'm not in my own body. I look in the mirror and have to take a second glance because everything just doesn't look like me. We have this photo hanging in our bedroom from 6 months after we got married. Oh pre-pregnancy body. How much I miss you.
Of course I love the reason my body doesn't look that way anymore. It has housed 5 babies, 2, almost 3 of which I have brought earth side. Having grace is important during and after pregnancy. It takes time to get back to normal, but until then, I just do what I can to feel as normal as possible.

With Raegan I didn't have much swelling. I wore my rings to the hospital to have her. Same with Hudson. It really wasn't that bad. I think they got a little tight at the end, but not bad. Well with Landon, I have blown up like a balloon. My fingers are a solid size bigger than normal. I can't wear any of my rings, which I hate. I feel naked without them.

I went on the hunt to find a ring I could wear while pregnant in place of my wedding set. When I found Tiger Gems I feel in love. It was exactly what I was looking for. The ring is gorgeous and makes me feel some what normal again. I can get dressed in the morning, do my make up, put on my rings, and tackle the day.
 The set I have is the 2.25ct square halo wedding set. You would never know these diamonds are not real by just looking at it. They are no conflict diamonds which means that they were man made and not mined. Allowing our earth to not be disturbed.

For me my swelling always get worse right after the baby is born and takes a few weeks to go down. I'm so thankful to have a wedding set to wear as my body returns to post pregnancy normal.

Check out my video review on this amazing ring. The company Tiger Gems and Tabitha (the owner) are hell bent on making sure that you are happy with your purchase and if you aren't, they will make it right.

Want to try out a set for yourself? Use code themrsandco at check out. I promise you will love yours.
This post is in collaboration with Tiger Gems, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Landon's Nursery Reveal

When I found out I was pregnant with Landon it took me some time to really accept that this baby was actually happening. I was too scared to even think about how I'd decorate his nursery at the beginning. So the decorating part didn't really start until my 3rd trimester. Even then I didn't have a solid "theme" that I wanted to go with.

So one day after dropping Raegan off at school Hudson and I headed to Hobby Lobby. The Mecca of decor ideas. I thought for sure I could find a theme while walking around. Well of course, like any 1 year old, Hudson wasn't interested. So I literally started just throwing things into my cart that I liked and prayed that once I got home it would all go together in some way.

After getting the babies down for the night I pulled out all my treasures, laid them out, and the theme of Landon's room was born. It has more of a woodsy, industrial, modern feel to it. I'm loving the grey, white, and blacks right now which definitely came out when I started piecing his room together.
Fortunately his room came together pretty easily! Everything I envisioned I easily found at either Target, Wayfair, or Etsy.

 Once we transitioned Raegan out of her crib and into her big girl bed, we just moved it into Landon's room. Took her a few weeks to be "ok" that her crib was no longer "her" crib. Now we are good! She talks about how the baby is going to go in her old bed. You got it girlfriend!

Pretty much the only way I convinced Kyle to let me buy this crib (it's from Restoration Hardware) when I was pregnant with Rae was saying that I'd use it with all my babies and fortunately it's totally gender neutral. We have it in brown for Hudson's room too. No way in heck was I was taking Raegan out of a crib at 19 months when he was born. No sir! It wasn't until after I had Hudson that I found pretty much the exact crib on Wayfair for WAY less. So you're welcome. I linked the crib below.

The chair that we had in Raegan's room we moved to Hudson's room when he was born. I really didn't miss having it in Raegan's room, but for some reason this time around, I still use it a lot in Hudson's room. So I knew I wanted to get another for Landon's room. I found this perfect rocker from Wayfair that I absolutely love! The best part is that once we are done using it in his room, it can be repurposed for somewhere else! The perfect neutral chair. The lamp also came from Wayfair and the side table is from Target.

Right when you walk into the room to the left there was this blank space between the bedroom door and the closet. This little area wasn't really planned, but I knew I wanted something there. I found this adorable cubby bookshelf at Target as well as the crates. It'll be a great place to store toys and books later on when he's older.

Picking out a dresser was easy. I loved the one we got for Hudson's nursery, so I got the exact same one in grey.

 Right now there's not much on top of the dresser, but we all know that'll change once he's here.

I found this adorable bookshelf at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to make it work. It was too good to put back. It's the perfect place for little knick knacks.

The little shoes on top of his name are my dad's. The perfect addition to his nursery since Landon's middle name is my dad's name, Patrick.

 And these adorable handmade signs were the perfect rustic addition to my vision for his nursery.

Can't wait to bring home our sweet boy in the next 6 weeks.

crib //  Restoration Hardware (similar and MUCH cheaper)
bumper // Pottery barn
sheets // Target
lovey c/o  Dwell Darling
arrow above crib // Hobby Lobby
metal LANDON letters // Hobby Lobby
metal bear head // Hobby Lobby
rocking chair c/o Wayfair
lumber pillow c/o Wayfair
side table // Target (similar)
floor lamp c/o Wayfair
cubby bookshelf // Target
crates // Target
Beanie Babies // my childhood collection
wooden bear // Rustic Luv Decor
stuffed dear // Hobby Lobby (similar)
Adventure sign // Hobby Lobby
cotton stems // Hobby Lobby
mirror // World Market
arrow wall decor // Hobby Lobby
dresser (dark gray stain) // IKEA
changing pad cover // June and January
metal bookshelf // Hobby Lobby
lantern // Hobby Lobby
wooden tree // Rustic Luv Decor
grey wall decor // Rustic Luv Decor
bonnet // Fresh Knot Bow
"Landon" name blocks // Smiling Tree Toys
bear yarn picture c/o Kail's String Art
grey blanket // Target (similar)
woven basket // Target

Lip Sense

So I was approached by a follower of mine about trying out Lip Sense and I will be honest with you, I really wasn't interested. I'm really not a huge fan of the businesses where the sellers just bug and bug and bug you to buy their product. Seems that most businesses where the seller works off commission are that way. It can be such a turn off! Well first off, Robyn never bugged me. Huge plus! She sent her email and waited for me to contact her.

Second off I wasn't interested because honestly I don't care about lipstick. It's a miracle if I have time to put anything on in the morning and if I do it's going to be a very neutral color because the rest of my face is bare and having a bright lip just wouldn't make sense.

But alas, I gave in and decided to give Lip Sense a try.

Well I'm hooked. 

Yep. I love it.

I apply the color in the morning, regloss throughout the day, and it's still there when I go to wash my face at the end of the day. Just put some witch hazel on a cotton ball and rub it right off.

It did take some getting used to as the color doesn't feel like lipstick. It's like a lip stain (called a liquid lip color) and then the gloss on top keeps your lips hydrated and the color covered.

So take a look at some of the colors I got to try out. 

Love this color! Every girl needs a good red in her life!

The starter set comes with a color of your choice, a tube of gloss, and a tube of oops! fixer. That's what I call it. So if you accidentally get color where you don't want it (happens with the brighter colors) you just rub on the oops stick, use a q-tip and it comes right off.

Pink Champagne
Great neutral color for those who don't want something over the top.

Aussie Rose
one of my favorites! I will be adding it to my collection for sure!

Lexie Berry
Not a fan of the dark color unless you have formal event to go to. Not an every day color for me.

 Luv It
A great color for summer time! Has more coral/orange in it.

Fire and Ice
I love this red/pink color. Gives your lips that little pop! Also I'm wearing their tinted moisturizer here. LOVE that stuff! It's light and airy and covers blemishes really well. It just gives that smoothed out look.

 First Love
Great neutral, but I wasn't a fan. Too brown for my taste.

Aussie Rose/Sassy Z
This was a mix of Aussie Rose and Sassy Z. Sazzy Z is my go to FAV color! I love that you can mix the colors too. Since it's a stain they mix great!

 I also tried out their eye make up line as well.

Here I wore the Sandstone Pearl Shimmer shadow on my lids and a darker shadow (Mocha Java) on my crease. I wasn't as big of a fan of the eye shadow. It felt wet going on until you rubbed it in. Wasn't my thing, but was still very pretty!

In the end I wish I hadn't drug my feet and tried it sooner. As a mom who doesn't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning, having some lip color really does go a long way in making you feel like you put some effort into yourself for the day.

Want to give Lip Sense a try? Email Robyn at If you join her Facebook page Spencer's Sassy Smooches she will give you 10% off and free shipping! Want to host a party? Get 20% off and a free color for hosting a party! It's so easy to host a party. Do it on Facebook!

She will get you hooked up! I promise you'll be thanking me. It's such a great product!

Bath Time

 Raegan and Hudson take a bath daily. They are messy toddlers, but we really do bath every day because Mama loves the 30 minute break it gives.
Hallelujah for bath time. They play happily after dinner and before bed and it gives me a chance to clean up the house before Kyle gets home. Lord knows they are both little tornadoes all day long.

 The stacking bath boats from Nuby are some of our favorites!
 Once baby is old enough to hold them, they'll love them. They can easily be used for rinsing the babies off and Rae and Hudson both love filling them up and dumping them on each other. They stack easily for storage too.
Thank goodness for toys that are simple and easy to store to make bath time fun!
This post is in collaboration with Nuby, but opinions are 100% mine.

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