Garage Reveal

Fortunately some room in the house didn't need a ton of work. The garage being one of them. Granted we could have REALLY overhauled it and done a new coat of paint, new flooring, etc, but honestly, Kyle's not a big garage guy, but he does want his tools organized and things hung up.

When we moved in the house had this red peg boards on the wall. We knew those needed to go for sure. They also left this janky shelf, which was great for storage, but we wanted something a little more sturdy and eye pleasing.
So that's just what we did. Well that's what Kyle did. I pulled the preggo card.

Kyle had built a wooden tool bench at our old house and he knew he wanted to do that again in our new house. So he set out one Saturday morning and got to work. 

His little handy helper was ready to put in some hard work too.
I am so thankful to have a handy husband who sees a project in his mind and just does it! He literally just bought the wood and got to work. My handy man!

We partnered with Wall Control for some amazing pegboards that Kyle installed to hang all of his tools. We received the Pro-Grade Pegboard Organizer Kit. It came with 4 16x32 galvanized peg boards that are able to hold more weight than the traditional peg board. It also came with tons of hooks and shelves for all of your tool needs. It makes me completely versatile as you are setting up your tool area.
I love the metal look of the peg boards. It's so clean and you can easily see all of the tools you have hanging from it. I always hate having to search for the hammer or the screw driver that I need. This way I can everything we have and easily access it.
It was so easy to install and in the end it looks great! Kyle has even decided he wants to get 2 more pegboards to make his work area longer.
The house is slowly coming together and we are one step closer to being finished! I have a few more rooms I can't wait to share with you! The master bedroom/bath, baby #3's room, and the play room are almost ready to be revealed!

Which are you looking forward to the most?

Make sure you didn't miss Raegan's big girl room reveal. She is in love with her new room! As am I.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day.

The day that we remember those who have lost their lives. The ones who gave their life to keep ours safe. Our family is eternally grateful for those and their families who have sacrificed so much.

It's also the day that signifies the beginning of summer. At least in our book it does!

We spent Sunday at my aunt and uncle's celebrating with our family. For as long as I remember we always got together with my aunt and uncle and cousins. I love that we still do even after all these years. 

We planned to just hang out with the kids on Monday since Kyle was off work, but I came down with a massive sinus headache and was down for the count the whole day. Fortunately Kyle was super dad and set up the sprinkler and water table for the kids after nap and played with them. Thank goodness for him.

We love to get together with the family to swim, eat, possibly nap (not me of course, I'm chasing the crazies around), play corn hole, and eat some more. 
Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate this year. Very cloudy and we weren't even sure we'd be able to get in the pool, but the kids wanted to so badly, so we got in before it started sprinkling again.

The water was a little chilly, but that didn't stop the babes from wanting to swim.

Raegan is a little fish. I guarantee by next summer she will be swimming without her floaties. We started swim lessons with her when she was 8 weeks old and I'm so glad we did because she absolutely loves the water!

After we went swimming it was time to dry off and eat some dinner. Hotdogs and hamburgers are always a crowd pleaser. There is always a plethora of appetizers to snack on at any given moment too. There is always someone eating!

Then it was time to blow up the bounce house for the kids to run off their last bit of energy and boy did they love it!

By 6:30pm Rae and Hudson were both done! So tired and so cranky. We loaded up the car and headed home. They were both konked out within 2 minutes of being put in their beds.

I won't lie, I was pretty tired myself. Family, food, and fun can do that to you. Can't wait to have lots more opportunities for it this summer!

Raegan's Big Girl Room Reveal

We knew that when we got pregnant with our third that it would be time to transition Rae out of her crib and into a big girl bed so the baby could use her crib, which of course meant it was time to redecorate!

For me I would have kept Rae in her crib for as long as I could. She doesn't climb out and if she decides not to nap, she's confined and can't get into any trouble, but alas, baby #3 will be here in 12 weeks and it was time.

I have been dreaming of Raegan's big girl room since we moved last July. My pinterest board was filling up quickly and I couldn't wait to start! But since we decided to buy a fixer upper I knew it was WAY down the road.

In March once we were moved in and settled the decorating began and oh goodness did it turn out even better than I imagined!

We found her bed on Craigslist for $30. It was black so my dad sanded it down, primed, and painted it. It came out perfect! We just used pink spray paint (Berry Pink) from Home Depot.

So many of the decor items I DIYed. The blue candle lantern I glued a white flower on top of it. Same with the pink vase on the desk. I spray painted it and glued a flower on top. I loved the idea of butterflies on the bird cage so I sprayed paint those suckers too and hot glued them on!
I loved that I was able to keep her dresser from her nursery. Kyle and I bought it off Craigslist. He sanded and painted it pink. For the life of me I can't remember the paint name color though. The pulls were silver so I just spray painted them gold. Easy fix without buying a whole new set.
This little desk fit just perfectly under her window. I couldn't decide if I wanted a desk, vanity, or table with 2 chairs, but decided on the desk because she loves to create and draw. It has a little drawer for all her treasures and it can grow with her over the next few years.
 I just love the wallpaper in her room and I thought it would be fun to wrap the shelves in the wallpaper to give a rather drab white desk a little pop. If you ask me, it's the perfect little pop too.
 This lamp from Target is too fun. You can touch it anywhere to turn it on and off. So if I see the monitor flashing bright I know Rae is playing with her lamp when she should be napping.

I found this sweet little side table when we were still doing renovations on the house back in November, but I knew it would go perfectly so I bought it and kept it at my parents till we moved in. Boy was I right. It matched perfectly! Homegoods for the win!
 I knew when we moved Rae into a big girl bed that we would be using a Beddy's bedding set. It's so easy! She can help me zip it up on the sides each morning and put her pillows on. I love how low this bed is because she can easily climb into it and it's not very fall of a fall if she falls out during the night. Yes, still working on sleeping in our big girl bed. We will get there!

They are also having a buy one get one 50% off this week/weekend for Memorial Day. We have one for our bed too. They are just great.
bed // craigslist find (IKEA day bed)
bed paint color // Home Depot
dresser // craigslist find
wall paint color // Sherwin Williams Tide Water
dresser paint color // Sherwin Williams
desk c/o Wayfair
wallpaper // Anthropologie
bedding c/o Beddy's
turquoise and white pillows // Target
pink pillows c/o Wayfair (similar)
gold pillow c/o Wayfair
side table // Homegoods
gold lamp // Target
clock // Hobby Lobby
flower bouquet c/o Wayfair
turquoise lamp c/o Wayfair
birdcage // Hobby Lobby (similar)
butterflies // Hobby Lobby (spray painted gold)
gold R // Hobby Lobby
turquoise lantern c/o Wayfair
pink lantern c/o Wayfair
pencil holder // Target Dollar Spot (similar)
pink vase with flower // DIY (Hobby Lobby- similar)
turquoise lantern with flower // DIY (Hobby Lobby)
flower portrait // Hobby Lobby
dresser knobs // Hobby Lobby
dresser pulls // Hobby Lobby (spray painted gold)
monogram // Made For You Signs

Thank you Wayfair and Beddy's for collaborating with us on Raegan's room. It's turned out absolutely perfect!

Getting Out of the House

When I first had Hudson getting out of the house with both babies was tough! It would take forever to get them both packed up and I had to make sure I had everything with me that I needed to keep them entertained and happy. So began the search for how to make life outside the house easier. I found as long as I had snacks and drinks we were good!

Insert NUBY's water canteen and snack containers.
Just fill them up before we leave and we are good to go! 

I love that I can hand the snack holder to Hudson in the car and he won't dump them all over himself. I was so happy the day he finally had enough coordination to hold it, put his hand in, and pull out a snack. Hallelujah! Snack independence at it's finest.
And the water cups are the best because they both can close them when they are done, and push the button to pop up the straw. I love that it keeps the straw clean and doesn't leak. It's easy to hold and has a little silicone loop that's great for tiny hands.

Now there's no telling how things are going to go when I try to get out of the house with 3, but for now, for the next 3 months before little guy gets here, I'm set!

I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Surgery #2

So you may have remembered my update on our Rae back in January. Well I'm here to update you again all the business that is Raegan Phair.

So back in January we were needing to get a sleep study done so they could "prove" she still had sleep apnea and tonsils needed to come out. I spent so many afternoons during nap time trying to get a hold of anyone who could get us in for a sleep study before March. FINALLY we got the call that they could get us in, but it was last minute for that evening. We needed to get it done so we did. 10 weeks pregnant, still nursing Hudson, and just plain exhausted, Rae and I headed to the hospital for her sleep study.

Sleep studies are just stressful. She didn't fall asleep till almost 9:30pm and she struggled with being ok with all the stuff on her face and head.
She kept waking up because when she'd roll over she'd get tangled in the wires. Then if anything got unhooked the sleep study techs had to come in, wake her up, and re-hook it. We didn't sleep much. The study ends around 6:30am then we headed home. She went to school like it was a regular day.

Then we waited. And waited. I finally called after 4 weeks for our results and she did indeed have sleep apnea. Something we already knew, but it was done and results were finally in. We scheduled her tonsils and tubes for March 16.

During all of this I had been working with insurance to get her speech/feeding therapy covered for in home therapy. After having doctors send in documentation they approved her in home therapy. This was huge as I knew it would be tough getting her and Hudson out of the house 3 times a week.

We started therapy the week before surgery and decided that she would have speech therapy twice a week and feeding once a week. She loves her therapist and we are so grateful for that!

Surgery day was finally upon us and we were ready to get it done and over with. The waiting room had bene redone since her palate repair with table booths and TVs. It was nice while we waited to go back for pre-op.
The tubes are the easy part, but the tonsils we worried about. Her ENT explained that since her palate has been compromised by the cleft it's very weak and he didn't want to take too much of her adenoids and not leave any muscles to support the palate. Fortunately the surgery went perfect, the palate was supported, and we were ready to start recovery.

Rae struggled coming out of anesthesia. She was wheezing and her oxygen levels wouldn't stay up. They had to do a few breathing treatments and eventually her breathing went back to normal. Sitting in post-op was so hard. She just cried and cried. She was very agitated and nothing soothed her except me singing to her. She did finally eat some popsicle and we got a silly picture from her.
They finally got us into a room and she took a much needed nap.

When she woke up she was back to her old self. She wanted milk and to watch Goldie and Bear on the ipad.
The IV annoyed her and she was so happy to get it out the next day before we went home.
We spent the night in the hospital and went home the next day.
She really did great the whole weekend! We stayed on top of her advil/tylenol rotation and thought we were out of the woods.

Then Monday hit. And so did the stomach bug. She threw up in the afternoon (in the car, bleh!) and we thought maybe it was just the medicine upsetting her stomach, but by that evening, I was starting to feel sick, and at 9pm she started throwing up again with a fever. I called her pediatrician and the nurse line at the hospital. They said as long as she wasn't throwing up blood we just needed to keep her hydrated. So we did. Then around 1030pm, the bug hit me. I threw up all night. Rae slept in the bed with me and would only go to me. So she and I spent the night running back and forth between the bathroom and the bed. Fortunately Kyle's parents took Hudson the next day and we were able to rest. Kyle and Hudson never got it and it was a short lived bug.

After the bug left the house, Rae struggled with pain. She was up every 2-3 hours every night crying. It was like having a newborn all over again, but once day 10 hit, we finally got over the hill. She was doing so much better.

Her speech is improving and so is her eating. She is gaining weight like crazy and eating everything! We've even dropped her feeding therapy as her therapist things her "picky" eating is behavioral and not a texture disorder like we originally thought.

I am hoping that we are done with surgeries for awhile for Rae or any other Sanderson kid. 3 surgeries between Rae and Hudson in 3 years is enough for this mama.
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