Garage Reveal

Fortunately some room in the house didn't need a ton of work. The garage being one of them. Granted we could have REALLY overhauled it and done a new coat of paint, new flooring, etc, but honestly, Kyle's not a big garage guy, but he does want his tools organized and things hung up.

When we moved in the house had this red peg boards on the wall. We knew those needed to go for sure. They also left this janky shelf, which was great for storage, but we wanted something a little more sturdy and eye pleasing.
So that's just what we did. Well that's what Kyle did. I pulled the preggo card.

Kyle had built a wooden tool bench at our old house and he knew he wanted to do that again in our new house. So he set out one Saturday morning and got to work. 

His little handy helper was ready to put in some hard work too.
I am so thankful to have a handy husband who sees a project in his mind and just does it! He literally just bought the wood and got to work. My handy man!

We partnered with Wall Control for some amazing pegboards that Kyle installed to hang all of his tools. We received the Pro-Grade Pegboard Organizer Kit. It came with 4 16x32 galvanized peg boards that are able to hold more weight than the traditional peg board. It also came with tons of hooks and shelves for all of your tool needs. It makes me completely versatile as you are setting up your tool area.
I love the metal look of the peg boards. It's so clean and you can easily see all of the tools you have hanging from it. I always hate having to search for the hammer or the screw driver that I need. This way I can everything we have and easily access it.
It was so easy to install and in the end it looks great! Kyle has even decided he wants to get 2 more pegboards to make his work area longer.
The house is slowly coming together and we are one step closer to being finished! I have a few more rooms I can't wait to share with you! The master bedroom/bath, baby #3's room, and the play room are almost ready to be revealed!

Which are you looking forward to the most?

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