Bath Time

 Raegan and Hudson take a bath daily. They are messy toddlers, but we really do bath every day because Mama loves the 30 minute break it gives.
Hallelujah for bath time. They play happily after dinner and before bed and it gives me a chance to clean up the house before Kyle gets home. Lord knows they are both little tornadoes all day long.

 The stacking bath boats from Nuby are some of our favorites!
 Once baby is old enough to hold them, they'll love them. They can easily be used for rinsing the babies off and Rae and Hudson both love filling them up and dumping them on each other. They stack easily for storage too.
Thank goodness for toys that are simple and easy to store to make bath time fun!
This post is in collaboration with Nuby, but opinions are 100% mine.


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