Post Partum Style

For me once the baby comes I'm all about comfortable clothes. Trying to dress a post partum body is tough. I will pretty much be in maternity clothes for 6-8 weeks after the baby comes and I have no shame in it. Your body just grew a baby for 9 months and it takes some time to get back to what you were before. And even then, I don't know if I'll ever be back to what I was "before". Oh well. I have 3 beautiful children to show for it.

Anyways, once baby is here I need clothes and under garments that will help keep me looking put together and not the hot mess that I really am. Know what I'm saying? #3under3 #Godhelpme

I pretty much don't leave the house for the first month or so so I'm not looking for adorable, trendy clothes. Just something I can wear around the house that is presentable and can be worn in front of visitors. Just in case someone unexpectedly stops by.

So here is my round up of the brands I love the most! Also, these outfits will be coming to the hospital with me and one of them I'll be wearing home from the hospital too.

First up Cake Maternity. Can I just say how adorable is this packaging?! Makes any mama feel glamorous when she opens it.
 As soon as the baby is here nursing bras are worn on the regular. And guess what?! Nursing bras don't have to be ugly! You heard me right.
 Just look at that beautiful detail! No way you can feel frumpy in this. I know for me once my milk comes in, holy hannah, my boobs pretty much double in size. This Mousse Contour Wireless bra gives support (no underwire) and keeps them under control. I hate feeling like I'm sagging or sloppy when I'm nursing.
Next up is this adorable pajama set. That I'm already wearing. Hey, why not take advantage of it now and after baby comes? This pajama set is perfect for the hospital and when I have visitors I can just slap on a Pinkblush robe (see mine from Hudson's birth) and voila, covered, and ready for visitors to fawn over my sweet new babe. The top even has the nursing friends snaps to make nursing easy. I'm not too sure if I'd wear this around the house with visitors without a robe on just because there isn't a lot of support in the bra, but I'm definitely covered when I wear it.

Another new found love of mine is Kindred Bravely

With this being my third pregnancy and third time to pump/breastfeed I thought I had seen it all and found the best there was. That was until I put this nursing bra on. Oh my goodness, it is so comfortable and can be worn during pregnancy and after. I'm planning on getting more in different colors. 
The sleeper bra is so soft and these post partum panties are to die for! 

They sit above your c-section incision and are breathable. Yes please!

Now that the undergarments are taken care of, that brings me to my next favorite maternity and post maternity clothing line. Pinkblush Maternity.
 This outfit is totally visitor ready and paired with my Bravado Designs nursing tank, you can't go wrong. And the length on the sweater is perfect for nursing. It's very thin and I don't get hot in it so it can be worn during summer time. With the ease of the snaps on the nursing tank and the extra coverage of the sweater, I'm all set to nurse on the go. Because we all know, that's all newborns do for the first few weeks anyways.

 The pants are amazing as well because they are thin and have and adjustable waist. You can keep it lose right after having the baby and tighten it as needed as your belly goes down.
 Welcome to my FAVORITE new dress. This is for sure coming to the hospital with me and I'll probably wear it home. I know for me I'm not a huge fan of clingy material after birth. Especially a c-section birth so this dress is perfect. Oh and it has pockets. Yep. You heard me right. This can be worn in the house, out of the house, pretty much anywhere! I want it in every color. Unfortunately it's not very nursing friendly, but still a great piece.
I can't believe sweet Landon will be here in 5 weeks or less. Please be less. Oh please be less. This heat is just killing me!

This post was in collaboration with Kindred BravelyPinkblush and Cake Maternity, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I'm loving all of these! And I love my own Bravado tank and am sad I didn't have it from the very beginning. And can I just say I am in love with those pajamas!

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