Post Partum Style Part 2

When finding maternity clothes to wear for the months you are pregnant, it's always nice to find some that will work once baby is here too. I really utilize flow tops for after baby is here because 1. my body is just not ready to have anything tight around it and 2. it helps with nursing and having some extra fabric to cover up with. My kiddos don't like nursing with covers so having extra fabric to drape around me is helpful!

Pinkblush always fits the bill for comfortable and stylish clothes. Check out the items I just picked up and can't wait to use once Landon is here too!

 This dress isn't so much "nursing friendly" but it's definitely post partum body friendly. I love how flowy it is and definitely hides all the parts that need to go back to normal after having a baby.

And the best part? They are having a sale today on on their tops. Use code TOPTWENTYFIVE for 25% off all tops!

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