Raegan's 3rd Birthday

I know I am over a month over due blogging about Raegan's birthday. I knew I should have done it before Landon was born, but life go away from me, and it didn't happen.

Better late than never though, right?

We threw Raegan's 3rd birthday party when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Phew. It was interesting getting everything together, but it came together wonderfully!

The first good decision I made when planning her party was choosing to have it at Play Street Museum. First off, it wasn't at our house, they helped me unload and load up the car at the end of the party, and they kids were entertained the entire time. We took a break to sing Happy Birthday, but then they were right back to playing. They helped keep the food and drinks replenished and I really didn't have to think about anything. It was great! 

And did I mention it wasn't at our house? Yep. We partied, packed up, and came home to a house that wasn't a wreck from 15 toddlers. Glorious. Pregnant or not, I recommend this to any mom who wants an easy birthday party!

The party was a total hit and we all napped hard when we got home.

woolie ball garland c/o The Whimsical Woolies
rainbow garland c/o Ellenor Shop
bird cage// Hobby Lobby
large gold frame// Hobby Lobby
small gold frames// Target
aqua lantern/ Hobby Lobby
floral bouquet// Wayfair
vase// Hobby Lobby
pink ball confetti// Hobby Lobby
pinwheels// Hobby Lobby (no longer available)
unicorn// Target
unicorn's headband// Heart Strong Boutique
white cake stand// Hobby Lobby
gold glitter 3// Hobby Lobby
letter board// Hobby Lobby
donut hole holder// Target (no longer available)
cups, plates, utensils, straws// Party City
drink dispenser// Five and Below
gold "R"// Hobby Lobby
invite and unicorn prints c/o Jumping Jax Designs


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