Bring the Beach

Summer is upon us! 

I am especially excited because Kyle and I are going to Jamaica in mid June and I am already dreaming of laying by the pool, with a cocktail in my hand, and no care in the world!

My new favorite drink for the spring and summer is a Amaretto Cherry Sour.
It's nice and refreshing and not too strong. Easy to make and such a crowd pleaser.

All you need is:

Put it all in a tumbler, give it a shake, and pour over ice. I love to float lots of cherries in the bottom for a fun treat at the end of the drink.
What is your go to summer drink?


House Update and Guest Room Inspiration

Life is busy. So busy. I apologize. This poor little blog has gotten neglected. With 3 kids 3 and under, a photography business, and starting a new business with Matilda Jane (that's for another post), I barely get any time to just sit. So unfortunately blogging has gone to the back burner, but I promise to start dedicating 1 day a week to posting. I'll have to set an alarm on my phone to remind me, but I'm really going to try!

So as many of you know we bought and renovated a home back in August 2016. We moved in in February 2017 and I have slowly been redecorating and we are almost done! We still have the dining room, guest room/office, and our bedroom. Even though Kyle would beg to differ that our bedroom needs to be redone, but it does ;)

Over Christmas we had the siding replaced as well as having the brick painted. It made a HUGE difference!

Here is what the house looked like before.

Here is after the paint!
Night and day!

And then Kyle built shutters as well. I swear, the man can do anything. He just needs a picture! They turned out exactly like I wanted.

Eventually we plan to put a porch across the front. Probably sometime next year. We really need to replace the fence first. It's in bad shape.

This is the end results that we hope for! And we will eventually add on to the right of the house too like this picture, but that won't be for like 8-10 years.

So yes lots has been done to the house and I'm so ready to finish up the inside too. I've been dreaming, pinning away, and trying to decide what I want to do with our 5th bedroom. Eventually it will be a baby room and according to Raegan it will be a baby sister. Slow your roll little missy, you have 2 brothers that can keep your busy right now! For now though I need a place to work. Now that I am doing photography part time and am a trunk keeper for Matilda Jane, I need a work place that isn't my dining room table, but we still need a place for guests to sleep if necessary. So here's what I'm planning out for the room.

I wanted to do a day bed with a trundle to allow the room to not be filled with a bed and that's it. I'm all about tufted furniture right now and just love this day bed!

I also wanted a desk area for editing photos and all my of my MJ paperwork. This desk set comes with a filing cabinet and it's cute! Not that ugly metal. Score!

Of course a beautiful desk needs a beautiful chair and this one just screams farmhouse to me.

I also wanted to have a chair I could put in a corner as a reading chair and again tufted won. It's just too good!

I love this bookshelf that I can store Matilda Jane samples and books in. I'm still trying to find some kind of garment hanger to put on the walls to hang my samples from. Still searching.

I have so many decor items to go in the room, but the rug, lamp, clock, and scale were some of my favorites!

I'm still debating on bedding, but I'm really loving this quilt from Matilda Jane.

Wayfair really does have it all and the prices can't be beat. Grab a glass of wine and some pandora and have an evening of putting furniture together with the hubs and we will hopefully have our guest room done SOON! 
New Britain Daybed with Trundle New Britain Daybed with Trundle Oridatown Single Pedestal Computer Desk with Lateral File Oridatown Single Pedestal Computer Desk with Lateral File Libourne Side Chair Libourne Side Chair
Orville Cube Bookcase Orville Cube Bookcase Dorothea Ivory/Gray Area Rug Dorothea Ivory/Gray Area Rug Monro Shiplap 18 in. Wall Clock Monro Shiplap 18 in. Wall Clock
Alejandro 26 in. Desk Lamp Alejandro 26 in. Desk Lamp Rustic Scale Decor Rustic Scale Decor Hodgson Button Tufted Wingback Chair Hodgson Button Tufted Wingback Chair
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